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   Chapter 649 Imprisoned

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Cold, calculating eyes scrutinized the burly squadron of guards. However, Zen couldn't gauge how skilled they were.

After Zen was rounded up, the head of the guards, who sat behind the half-man, half-bird monster measured him up and ordered his men, "This guy is not a member of our clan but he used the Dragon Soar Arena without our permission. Lock him up for a thousand years before releasing him!"

After he finished speaking, a small green ball appeared in each of the guards' hands. The balls shot out lines of green threads at Zen and soon enough, he was bound tightly.

The team of guards then dragged him away to the cyan city.

Zen had no chance to explain himself during the whole ordeal.

'Imprison me for a thousand years! Are you kidding?' Zen thought and smiled bitterly. "Cyan dragon, it seems the members of your Genuine Dragon family are not friendly!" he complained.

"Ha! That's because you don't have the essence and blood of our Genuine Dragon family. Since you're not a member of our family in the Lower World, then you would be punished for using the Dragon Soar Arena without our permission. Don't worry, you'll be released after a thousand years," the cyan dragon said with a laugh. He thought that this wasn't a big deal. "I made this rule many years ago," he added.

The Genuine Dragon family was huge. In addition to genuine dragons, it also included different races that had blood relationships with it, such as the Dragon Lineage Human race. It was one of the powerful races in the Genuine Dragon Family.

Many of these races lived in the Lower World, so the Genuine Dragon Family had built many Dragon Soar Arenas for the Lower World. These Dragon Soar Arenas were used to carry only the Genuine Dragon Family members to the Upper World. If anyone of other races tried to use it, they would be imprisoned for a thousand years as punishment.

The young master of the Xue Clan who had reached the Internal Elixir Realm tried to use the Dragon Soar Arena. However, he failed because the cyan dragon had changed the divine texture on the Dragon Soar Arena. The funny thing was that because he didn't succeed, he narrowly escaped being imprisoned. Otherwise, he would die in the prison, since even an Internal Elixir Realm practitioner only lived until eight hundred years at most.

Zen didn't know what to respond to what the cyan dragon said. He wasn't twenty years old yet. He could only live until three hundred years at most with his current cultivation base. He wouldn't even live to see a thousand years to be released.

"Take it easy. I'm a member of the Genuine Dragon Family. Although I can't show up in public for some reason, I won't let them do anything harmful to you," the cyan dragon said lightly. Zen felt a little relieved to hear that.

After a while, they soon reached their destination.


Some of the practitioners began to talk cautiously among themselves when they saw the divine texture Zen had drawn. "It's unbelievable that he knows how to use Perfect Brushwork, at such a young age!"

It was rare everywhere to see a runic expert who could use Perfect Brushwork.

However, it wasn't Zen, but the cyan dragon himself who had drawn this divine texture. After the drawing was finished, the runic brush left a line of strange characters on the paper's margin. Zen couldn't read any of these characters, so he guessed that they were the dragon texture marks the cyan dragon had drawn.

"It's done! Give this divine texture paper to the guards and ask them to hand it over to the lord of the city," the cyan dragon said. Zen nodded and collected the things on the ground.

Then, he walked towards the gate of the cell and carefully knocked on the iron bar.

"What is it?" a gruff voice asked. The guards walked over and looked at Zen coldly.

"Please help me give this to the lord of the city," Zen said and passed that paper of divine texture to the guards.

"The lord?" They looked at each other in surprise, then burst into laughter. "Our city lord? Don't you know what a big man he is?"

"These practitioners from the Lower World all acted the same way. Who do they think they are!"

"That's why we should keep them in the prison for a thousand years. This is the only way they'll know what kind of place this is!" the guards said.

Zen wasn't annoyed by what they said. He just waved the paper of divine texture in his hand and said, "Can you have a look at it before deciding to hand it over to the city lord or not?"

The guards glanced at the paper upon hearing Zen's words. When one of them saw the dragon texture marks on the margin, he was shocked. He grabbed the paper from Zen's hand and asked in a trembling voice, "Where did you get this?"

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