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   Chapter 648 The Upper World (Part Two)

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"Y...Young master?" one of the warriors at the Internal Elixir Realm from the Xue Clan called out to him.

It was then that the young master of the Xue Clan instantly came to wrap his mind around what had just happened. If they were standing there next to him, it must have been a failure of a transmission. After going through such lengths, he ended up being made a fool out by that young man. Unable to hold himself back and control his temper, the young master of the Xue Clan yelled out, seething with anger, "I failed to get transmitted straight into the Upper World. What the hell happened? Where did I go wrong?!"

"Young master, there's a crowd of people watching..." the warrior at the Internal Elixir Realm whispered under his breath to remind the young master.

Upon realizing what the warrior meant and coming to his senses, the young master lifted his head up. In an instant, his face turned pale. There was a group of warriors at the Virtual Tribulation Realm hovering in the sky just right above him.

Raven peered down at them and questioned the young master of the Xue Clan, "Little man, who was it that got transmitted earlier?"

The young master of the Xue Clan might have been revered as a high-level warrior through the eyes of the nature creatures and warriors at the Illuminating Soul Realm, but in front of the best and strongest warriors of the Central Region, he looked like a lamb that was at their mercy.

With that in mind, he had no choice but to answer Raven's question truthfully, "The person who has been transmitted away was a man at the nature level. I have no idea who that person was, but he was so swift that I got left behind!" Right after he was done answering Raven's question, the young master had a look of resentment written all over his face. He was having a hard time comprehending what Zen had done to get transmitted while he himself failed to do so.

"A nature creature?" Letitia tried to confirm, seeming to be utterly bewildered. 'This nature creature must

s constructed for Dragon Lineage Humans like you! It is merely a fragment of your whole existence..."

The Genuine Dragon constituted not just the actual dragons, but the Dragon Lineage Humans as well. The anatomy of these so-called Dragon Lineage Humans held Genuine Dragon blood inside them and they also had the ability to learn the most powerful cultivation methods put into practice by the mighty dragons. In truth, there were even a handful of warriors who were much more powerful than the Genuine Dragon!

All in all, there was actually a vast number of Dragon Lineage Humans residing in the Lower World. That was the main reason why the Genuine Dragon decided to build lots of Dragon Soar Arenas acting as the passageway for the Dragon Lineage Humans in the Lower World to gain access to the Upper World.

So, the best fighters of the Central Region were extremely eager to fly straight to the Upper World through the Dragon Soar Arena. When all was said and done, it was the quickest path that the Genuine Dragon designed for use of the Dragon Lineage Humans.

Surveying everything around him for a second, Zen walked toward the cyan city. At this point, a handful of guards riding on some strange creatures appeared and walked over to Zen and surrounded him. The weird creatures seemed to be half human and half avian.

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