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   Chapter 647 The Upper World (Part One)

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At that point in time when the light enveloped Zen's body, he heard some footsteps inching closer from behind him. As it turned out, it was actually the young master of the Xue Clan, whose cultivation was at the later stage of the Internal Elixir Realm. He had managed to breeze through and reach the sixth floor!

Beneath that blinding light, Zen felt as though his entire body had been set ablaze and burnt down into cinders. From what he could make out of it, his body was being reduced to ashes and his physical form was fading away slowly into nothingness.

"You?!" This plan of the young master of the Xue Clan had already been set in motion so long ago. He went through lengths just to reach Zen in time. He took great efforts to chase Zen behind him. But at the very end, he had been just a couple of seconds too late, and the last thing he saw when he got there was Zen's smiling face fading into the light.

A few moments before Zen had entirely vanished, the cyan dragon was able to transfer a fragment of his soul directly to him and alter the divine texture to just the bare minimum without getting caught.

The second Zen disappeared completely, a white light materialized right above the Dragon Soar Arena, beaming upward into the sky. It passed through a chunk of clouds, strong wind, and dense space cracks, vanishing at the edge of the sky.

"What the...?! That was amazing! The young master of the Xue Clan really managed to pull it off! It seems he has already been transferred somewhere else!" Letting out a sigh of relief, the Lady Poison-blood's eyes were glistening in amusement. As she stared up at the Dragon Soar Arena, she wore an enthusiastic look on her face.

It had been long rumored that the Dragon Soar Arena was actually the channeling passageway of the vast world built by the Genuine Dragon. A person who had access to it could be transferred straight into the Upper World. This just went to verify that the legend was indeed true. The passageway really existed!

The inhabitants of the world Zen had been in had no means of flying into the Upper World, not even if

ody was wondering deep inside.

Out of the people who happened to witness the second beam of light coming from the arena, it was solely the three warriors in the Internal Elixir Realm that were delighted to see it once again. 'Our young master has successfully been transmitted as well!" the warriors thought to themselves. The three knew fully well that the first light could only mean that the strange guy who went into the Dragon Soar Arena first had been successfully transmitted and not their young master. They were quite concerned about their young master upon seeing the first beam of light. But right now, their minds were finally put at ease. Given that they failed to secure the Dragon Soar Arena, they were still fortunate enough to send their young master to obtain some experience in the Upper World. Supposing that their young master somehow managed to break into the Virtual Tribulation Realm, they would have a chance to bring the Xue Clan from grade three all the way to grade four.

Then, from out of the blue, something they weren't anticipating took place. Everyone saw the light gleaming once more and a figure materialized from that light, one who appeared to be in a precarious state. Tossing and turning in the air for some time before he came to a halt, he eventually stood up on the ground. Examining his surroundings, he asked, "Where the hell have I been transmitted to?"

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