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   Chapter 646 A War For The Dragon Soar Arena

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The crows were like black stains in the azure sky, flying too fast that they seemed like dark blurs. In a span of a few moments, they were already hovering above the mountain stream.

Mocking laughter resounded through the valley, "Hahaha! Lady Poison-blood, it seems that someone has got ahead of you." Above the group of crows was a man donning a black ghost mask. It was hard to tell how ancient the man was. As Lady Poison-blood called him an old man, he must have been around for ages.

"So what, huh? I got here way before you did, so the Dragon Soar Arena belongs to me, alone!" Lady Poison-blood remarked coldly.

Raven grinned upon hearing this. "Lady Poison-blood, you are still one of the top martial arts practitioners in the Central Region. Don't be so unreasonable."

"Oh? What if I am that unreasonable? Do you really think I'll be scared of you?" Lady Poison-blood stated matter-of-factly.

Hearing the feuding between these two powerful masters, the three Internal Elixir Realm cultivators from the Xue Clan sighed deeply. They feared that the Xue Clan might not get their fair share of the Dragon Soar Arena this time around. They only hoped that their young master would have good fortune in exploring the Dragon Soar Arena.

As Lady Poison-blood and Raven were in a heated exchange of insults and taunts, a roar resounded loud and clear from nearby.

The intense roar rattled everyone present.

A tremendous flood dragon appeared in the sky and swam towards them.

"A flood dragon!" Lady Poison-blood's face darkened.

"No, I can't feel its life essence. This is merely a puppet!" Raven said. No one could see his exact expression with the mask concealing his face.

Having heard the roar of the flood dragon, the winged dragon guarding the Dragon Soar Arena roared back, the sound like the rumble of thunder. The winged dragon seemed to utilize the roar to further manifest its immense power. There were too many masters coming here today. Even a powerful creature such as the winged dragon also got nervous and felt threatened.

When the flood dragon approached closer, they saw it open its mouth. Three people were standing in the middle, with the incumbent leader of the Cloud Hall, Tia, front and center.

Tia had been practicing in a secluded place for a whole month, and now the aura around her had changed substantially. It was apparent that she had already leaped to the Internal Elixir Realm from the Illuminating Soul Realm. Tia had dispersed her cultivation base nine times, and every time she had to restart from scratch. She never encountered a single bottleneck in regaining her cultivation base. The rate she improved her cultivation level was extremely fast. Within a month, she had already entered the Internal Elixir Realm.

"The Cloud Hall! Letitia Ning! Where... did she get this flood dragon puppet?" Raven asked.

Lady Poison-blood, who was standing beside him, also looked at Letitia Ning with admiration. As the leaders of the fourth-grade sects, they knew clear as day the significance of a flood dragon puppet to a sect. In times of conflict between sects, the summoning of a flood dragon puppet was usually the key factor in turning the tides. It was a powerful and strategic weapon to employ.

Letitia merely chuckled and said, "Oh! So you wanna know huh? I'll tell you unless

his opponents with the Blood Drinking Sword. However, when he got to the fifth floor, he was astonished to see his challenge ahead - a full-on heavily armored cavalry contingent. The whole floor was packed with heavy cavalry. There might've been thousands.

Facing the cavalry head-on, Zen felt restrained to get through with only his Blood-Drinking Sword. So he summoned Lily as well. With the huge sword in her hand, Lily was a born killer. Every time she swung her behemoth of a sword, it would cut a swathe through the large group of soldiers and chopped them to bits.

At that moment, the malicious aura and spots of Lucky Light poured into Zen's body and were rapidly focused on his lower body.

Soon enough, he breezed past the fifth floor.

With no regard for anything else, Zen rushed upwards the sixth floor.

After he reached the sixth floor, he found it strange that it was empty. The divine texture array of the sixth floor apparently hadn't been activated yet.

'Is this the top floor, then?' Zen wondered to himself. He didn't expect this would end soon, as he hadn't gotten enough Lucky Light to improve his level. He was now at the peak of his nature level, and only with a bit more Lucky Light, he would be able to enter the Illuminating Soul Realm.

"Haha! Finally we arrive at the top!" The Cyan Dragon who remained mum finally spoke.

Zen glanced around to check his surroundings. He soon found a circular divine texture hanging by the sloped ceiling. He turned to the cyan dragon and said, "You still haven't told me why we're doing all this and what will happen when we conquer the top floor."

At this time, the young master who was at the premium stage of the Internal Elixir Realm was rapidly catching up. If he failed to climb to the top, he'd be in great danger.

"Do as I tell you. Now, get closer to the circular divine texture," the cyan dragon ordered.

Zen nodded in assent, and then walked towards the sloping wall. He stopped and stood still upon reaching the oval divine texture.

As soon as he stopped, a tiny flicker of soul was infused onto the divine texture. It then began to revolve slowly. Suddenly a flash of light poured forth and went directly towards Zen.

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