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   Chapter 645 Lady Poison-blood

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There was a feeling of fullness engulfed him making him feel more animated. Briefly, he closed his eyes, savoring the entirety of the moment when he suddenly felt the surge of life vitality tightening in his belly. Unknown to the experience, panic coursed through him. Then it began spinning and spreading out wildly–extremely out of his control!

"This is... Wow!" The sense of trepidation quickly dissipated on Zen's face when it dawned on him what was going on. Realizing he finally broke through to the fifth grade of nature level, his face beamed with happiness.

'Is it because of the yellow spots?' he wondered in awe while still relishing on the tingling sensation around his body.

"Hey! You get it, boy." The cyan dragon's voice rang in his mind at the inopportune moment, knocking him out of his serious musing. "It's the Lucky Light of our Genuine Dragons. Let me tell you, it is very crucial in reinforcing your strength. It works wonders for martial artists with low cultivation levels," he explained to Zen, rolling his eyes loftily.

Zen was fully aware of what he must concentrate on at present, and that was to promote his cultivation. Based on his assessment of himself, he was moving at a snail's pace. He believed that his progress was too slow! However, the reality was exactly the opposite of how he viewed his current capabilities. By all accounts, he was now improving at a decent rate in the Cloud Hall.

Thinking that he still heard nothing of Yan, his dear sister, at this time, the intensity of his determination to get better doubled. He needed to focus and to hurry! How could he not? He was about to face the Evil East Lord whose strength was mysteriously unfathomable to him. So putting first thing first, he braced himself to his most urgent task, which was to upgrade his cultivation and strength. Although he acquired a lot on Cloud Road, his cultivation did not improve much there!

"How amazing is the Lucky Light! When the guy in the later stage of Internal Elixir Realm comes in, does it mean he is going to break through the Internal Elixir Realm?" probed Zen.

"In dreams!" the cyan dragon snorted coldly. "The Lucky Light only works for refiners with cultivation below the Internal Elixir Realm, but has no effect on refiners in the Internal Elixir Realm! Bear in mind that the main reason is the Dragon Soar Arena. It has just shown up after waiting for thousands of years to produce a large amount of the Lucky Light. Now that you've absorbed most of it, those who will come next will only receive a small amount!"

Each time the Dragon Soar Arena was used, it would take some time to accumulate and generate new Lucky Light. This time almost all the Lucky Light was in Zen's hands. Even if the later martial artists passed through the second floor, he might only get a little of the Lucky Light. Zen, who was the first to arrive, was lucky enough to receive most of the Lucky Light at once.

There was no doubt that Zen had a fascinating stroke of luck this time. This was why the cyan dragon insisted that he should not run away.

"I see!" Zen stated as his face exuded inexplicable radiance. If he would gather all his attributes and climb all the way to the top

s that the young master of your family has gone in. Am I right? I've long heard that the Xue family inherited the blood of the dragon. It turns out, the rumor is true!"

"Our young master is indeed in the Dragon Soar Arena," said another refiner. "Only our young master's dragon-shaped jade pendant can open the Dragon Soar Arena, so the Dragon Soar Arena belongs to our Xue..."

Before the refiner could finish his sentence, Lady Poison-blood stretched out her hand, and with a gentle flip, a dragon-shaped jade pendant was in her hand. "Do you mean this kind of dragon-shaped jade pendant? I also have one!" stated Lady Poison-blood. "Looks like the Dragon Soar Arena should belong to my Bloodwood Cliff!"

Then Lady Poison-blood took a faint look at the winged dragon. Although it was a bit troublesome to deal with the dragon, it was not difficult for her to get rid of it.

"Lady Poison-blood..." The refiner, in the middle stage of the Internal Elixir Realm, reluctantly called her name. But as Lady Poison-blood only gave him a slight glance, he immediately shut up. In the world of martial arts, only a man of great strength could reason; people without strength were worthless!

The Dragon Soar Arena was a very useful treasure for both sects and families. It was because the Lucky Light was generated in the tower every once in a while, and was very helpful for their disciples' practicing! Although Zen came first and took away most of the Lucky Light this time, it would be produced again after a certain period of time.

The winged dragon was prostrate on the Dragon Soar Arena, its eyes fixed on Lady Poison-blood. This was the first time it had felt threatened since it appeared with the Dragon Soar Arena.

However, while Lady Poison-blood was thinking about how to obtain the Dragon Soar Arena, croaks of crows rose suddenly from the air. There was a flock of crows, blotting out the sky and flying towards the Dragon Soar Arena.

At the sight of those crows, Lady Poison-blood's face crumpled. "It's Raven! That old man always fights with me for treasures and makes trouble for me!" she complained in a bleak voice.

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