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   Chapter 643 The Golden Opportunity (Part Two)

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Though the cyan dragon could be irritating at times, Zen knew that he had a broader horizon at the world. It was one thing that Zen admired from the cyan dragon. Everything that Zen valued the most was nothing in the eyes of the cyan dragon. This included the Perfect Brushwork, the consummate sword intent, and all the treasures that Zen acquired through a great deal of effort.

So, if the cyan dragon said that it was his golden opportunity, then Zen could not argue with that.

"As I said, this is your golden opportunity. But of course, you will need my help! Don't think of running away. Just bear with it a little longer. If he can really find that place, with my help, you can reach the level of Illuminating Soul Realm instantly!" The cyan dragon said. After a pause, he continued, "I think I know what he is looking for."

'Reach the level of Illuminating Soul Realm!' Zen got lost upon hearing these words. He didn't seem to have heard what the cyan dragon was saying. He was now more curious about what could happen and the purpose of the young man in purple for leading all of them to the Moon Mountain.

Zen originally thought that they would be used as baits in the Moon Mountain. But contrary to what he initially believed would happen, two of the masters of Internal Elixir Realm looked for the way themselves and killed all the beasts they encountered so all their captives wouldn't be hurt.

The beasts in Moon Mountain could be cruel and strong, but the power of the masters of Internal Elixir Realm was far greater. Hence, killing beasts was a piece of cake.

The young man in purple would occasionally take out the dragon jade pendant to determine the way they needed to go. Afterward, he would ask the troop to follow him. But as they moved farther, i

two masters on the primary level of Internal Elixir rushed to the troop. They caught several practitioners and forcefully threw them into the mountain creek. The practitioners rolled down the creek like rocks, but before even hitting the ground, they were bitten and swallowed by the winged dragon. It happened so fast that those eaten didn't have the chance to scream for their lives.

The unfortunate fate that those practitioners met had frightened the rest. They initially thought the winged dragon wouldn't eat people. But upon seeing it with their own eyes, they became helpless.

The captured practitioners of nature level were thrown to the mountain creek one by one. The rest could not do anything but wait for their own fate. The two masters on the primary level of Internal Elixir kept on throwing the practitioners into the creek, while the ferocious winged dragon ate all them all without any hesitation.

Now, there were only eight practitioners that stood in front of Zen. It would eventually be his turn. He grew anxious and could not think straight. Finally, he asked the cyan dragon, "Now, tell me what to do! I believe you won't let me be eaten by that dragon!"

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