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   Chapter 642 The Golden Opportunity (Part One)

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 6663

Updated: 2019-07-08 00:43

In the presence of the three masters of Internal Elixir Realm, no one dared to move. It was as if everyone's body had been frozen.

Anyone who dared to offend the masters would suffer the same fate as the Illuminating Soul Realm practitioner. That man was punched so hard that his whole body appeared to have been crushed.

Even Zen who was always ready to risk his life had not moved. From his assessment, he had a slim chance of successfully escaping from the power of the three masters. It was a chance he wasn't willing to take yet. He remained quiet but unsettled. He could sense that something terrible was about to happen!

"You! If you move, you'll die!" one of the masters of Internal Elixir Realm said nonchalantly. His creepy eyes looked around.

There was no option but to heed the order of these masters. Everyone remained quiet and still. After quite some time, more than a thousand practitioners appeared on the town road. Most of them were on the nature level. It appeared that they were all tied with ropes with no chance of escaping.

They had caught so many people this time! It wasn't just a small number, but an alarming number of captives. At this rate, they could wind up all the nature level practitioners in no time. Did they intend to go to the Moon Mountain to get the purple thunder bamboo?

The troop of captives was being guarded by some practitioners who was walking along the two sides of the road. These practitioners suddenly tossed dark yellow ropes at Zen and all his fellows.

Zen and his fellows could not dare to defy the three masters of Internal Elixir. So, against their will, they heeded the orders from the guards.

They were also tied by the ropes and then joined the rest of the captives.

As he made his way to join the captives, Zen's mind got clouded with thoughts. He was confused as to why they caught many practitioners. Zen knew that acquiring the purple thunder bamboo was quite a challenging task. And the purpose of capturing

pendant. It looked familiar but he couldn't tell where he had seen it. Suddenly, he felt a quiver in his head.

"Hey! What's the matter?" Zen was taken by surprise by the quiver in his head and thought that it came from the cyan dragon. He concentrated his mind on the cyan dragon and asked him,"What's wrong?"

A moment later, Zen could hear the cyan dragon laughing in his mind.

Zen got a little annoyed by the insensitive gesture of the cyan dragon at this time. He scolded,"What's wrong with you? Can't you see that I'm in great trouble right now? Does that make you happy?" He was a little irritated now because he couldn't think of a way to escape. He felt hopeless with his situation and the cyan dragon's insensitive remark was not helping him at all.

"What do you mean you're in great trouble? I don't think so. From how I see it, this can be your golden opportunity!" The cyan dragon said calmly.

Golden opportunity? Zen was more confused than he was earlier. He couldn't see the golden opportunity that the cyan dragon was referring to. And even if there was, he couldn't comprehend how he could make use of that opportunity in the presence of four masters of Internal Elixir Realm. Zen was still annoyed at the blabbering cyan dragon. He said,"I don't have time for mind games. Can you be more specific?"

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