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   Chapter 641 Got A Pig (Part Two)

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 10037

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The warrior snorted and laughed, his head tilted to one side. "You? You are only at the fourth grade of nature level. Your cultivation base is even lower than me, and you can save me? Haha! A pig and a clown wrapped into one package. What an entertainment system!" spoke the warrior at the seventh grade of nature level who looked down upon Zen. Everyone thought of Zen as a joke, an obnoxious man at the fourth grade of nature level. Who was he kidding? They were all doomed. At least, that was all in each and every one of the pigs' minds.

This gangster tavern was set up to catch nature creatures. The ropes that tied them up were mixed with heptyl gold threads, and structures which could suppress their life vitality. If the life vitality of a warrior was suppressed, he had no way to get rid of it. All the other pigs then realized that there was even an Illuminating Soul Realm cultivator who was also trapped there!

As soon as the warrior stopped his laughing from all his mockery, he heard a cracking sound. "What was that?" asked the warrior. His eyes widened and his jaw dropped at the sight of one of the gold ropes broken by Zen. How did he do it?

Firm as rocks those special ropes were, they were not able to resist Zen's force supported by dragon scales. Zen summoned the force of one hundred dragon scales. Inch by inch his body glowed, including his eyes. He lifted his hands and split them apart. There was a loud noise. He successfully destroyed one rope.

Several warriors who had seen the scene were dumbstruck. The strength of this guy's corporal body was so terrifying! How could he possibly do that? Was he all that powerful? All the warriors were in awe, their faces paled. All of them were in shock, they started to think that Zen was no ordinary nature creature. What could he be hiding? What strength could he possiblely possess? He broke the rope without using his life vitality and that was beyond his supposed skill and strength.

Still in disbelief after seeing what Zen did, they knew that they had a chance at escaping the prison-tavern that they were in. This situation gave them a silver lining, a chance to live. They also knew they should keep quiet about this, as they might be watched by someone else--a guard who could easily tear the escape. They all turned to Zen and said in a soft voice,"Help us untie the rope!"

Zen said slowly,"You should tell me first what is going on and what exactly the pig thing is?"

At this time, several warriors scrambled to answer his question. One voice on top of the other, it was getting out of hand! One of the warrior said,"Have you heard about the news that purple thunder bamboos appeared in Moon Mountain?

"Yes." Zen nodded. This was also the reason why he came here.

"The Moon Mountain is extremely dangerous with numerous horrible beasts lurking inside. In order to get the purple thunder bamboos, some warriors hired local men to catch someone like us, and then they would use us as pathfinders, like a

"How dare a group of martial art practitioners use such dirty tricks!"

Up in the sky, several men appeared in mid-air. One of them exclaimed,"Eh? Why were these pigs able to run away? Myron, is this how well your useless men are doing?"

Another man in the mid-air, gave out a confident smile and snorted,"Don't worry, none of them will be going anywhere!"

Hearing other voices aside from theirs made the warriors wonder who else might be with them. All the warriors in the backyard raised their heads, and looked up to the sky. What they saw turned their faces pale.

In mid-air stood three Internal Elixir Realm masters!

All of them were frozen at the sight of the masters in mid-air. Quick on his feet, the Illuminating Soul Realm cultivator came to his senses and shouted,"Everyone, run!" As soon as he was finished, he leapt into the air, not looking back at how others were doing. It was an escape after all, and everyone was out for themselves. He and everyone else tried to get out of there as soon as possible. But the moment he took the leap, one of the Internal Elixir Realm masters raised his hand and waved. A huge palm appeared in the air. The palm slapped the Illuminating Soul Realm cultivator. He froze. Time stood still. In mid-air, his arms spread wide, and his legs were dangling. This was his end. The force rammed him so hard that it radiated throughout the whole tavern.

With a deafening sound, the Illuminating Soul Realm cultivator was hard as rock. With one swish of the wind, he was smashed to pieces. His body turned into pink mist--he was literally blown off, piece per piece, with every organ shredded into bits and pieces along with his own blood splattered around everyone's faces. And just like that, the Illuminating Soul Realm cultivator was no more than dust.

Blood was everywhere, and everyone was covered with the Illuminating Soul Realm cultivator's remains. Witnessing the scene, all the nature creatures, including Zen, stood there, stupefied.

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