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   Chapter 640 Got A Pig (Part One)

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 7327

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Food never looked so good! The smell of onions and garlic filled up the tavern. Juice was oozing out of the tender meat as Zen sliced through it. He ate like he had not eaten in days! It was just too homely. Zen immediately grabbed another serving of the tavern's special.

Everyone in the tavern looked at him intently. Cunning smiles crossed the faces of the several servers standing beside him. They looked at him with desire, like Zen was a prey ready to be killed and eaten at any moment.

Having been to the Killing Sword Mountain, Zen couldn't be more sensitive to the paranoia and the killing aura, like when some people were ready to kill him. Nevertheless, he devoured his meal since his hunger was more important than being threatened. How could he not see through the threat by the several men?

The meal was so delicious, too delicious in fact. No threat could make him stop from eating since he was too hungry to even think about all those men. They dissolved into the background. The fighting could wait. Food was more important. He went with the eating as he grabbed more and more servings of the delicious meal in front of him.

Zen gorged on the food. With the clock ticking and Zen finishing one dish after another, the smiles on the several men faded away gradually and instead, were replaced by confused expressions.

Soon, Zen gobbled all the dishes on the table. Then he turned his head to the servers and grinned, with some meat sticking out of his teeth, "What's with the look?"

The several men who wore their hair in plaits were embarrassed. They lowered their heads, trying to hide their scrunched up faces. "No...nothing..." they faltered.

"Were you thinking why the poison in the food didn't work on me?" Zen asked smugly.

Hearing Zen's blunt question, the several men's face turned pale. The manager who stood not far away suddenly sneered and ordered, "Action!"

The several men around all drew out a small mechanical device from their waists. The end of the mechanical device was connected to a dark gold rope. Not thinking twice, they immediately shot their devices at Zen.

With swishing and whooping sounds, seven or eight dark gold ropes c

h grade sect, however, there were only a few. And the Cloud Hall, however, ranked the top in the fourth grade sects.

The Cloud Hall enjoyed a very high reputation among the hundreds of millions of warriors in the Central Region. It was like the Cloud Sect of Eastern Region.

The other warriors in the backyard could not help but let out a little laugh despite being held captive. 'This guy is clearly lying, ' a warrior thought. The disciples who were able to enter the Cloud Hall were elites strictly selected from tens of millions of warriors. And that nature creature guy claimed that he was from the Cloud Hall. That was totally nonsense! There must be some kind of a mistake.

Zen noticed both the mockery and disbelief in their faces. But he didn't care. Believe it or not, he was just being himself, just answering truthfully to a question being asked to him. He continued, "You haven't told me what it means by calling us pigs yet."

"That's to say we are just like pigs that will be the lunch for the beasts. Now, could you just shut it?" The warrior said impatiently. Other warriors who heard this all showed a downcast look. Knowing that they were going to die shortly after, who had the mood to explain anything to Zen? They would all die anyway. Why even bother?

Zen believed in his skill. He knew he would be able to save all of them if he did try. He was going for a long shot. "Explain to me, and I can save you," Zen said lightly.

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