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   Chapter 638 The Wonders Of Cloudy City (Part Two)

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Top powerful clans were also present in the Burning Sky Capital, such as the top seven noble clans and the royal family. Cloud Sect was located there too, which was a grade two sect. Aura's royal family could only be regarded as a grade two force too, while the top seven noble clans had no rank.

The Cloudy City, on the other hand, had eight grade three sects. This did not include the Cloud School as it was affiliated to Cloud Hall and they shared the same system.

On way to Cloudy City, practitioners at the Illuminating Soul Realm could be seen everywhere. And if one was lucky, he could even see some Internal Elixir Realm practitioners. They walked in the streets in small groups. Their only purpose in coming to Cloudy City was to buy some supplements.

On the streets of Cloudy City, no one paid attention to Zen. Though he was known in many other locations, in here, he was nobody. It was quite a relief for Zen because he didn't like much attention. This would make his journey a more pleasant one.

He followed the instruction that Lasseter gave and immediately found the location of the branch alliance.

Zen also had done some research about the World Commercial Alliance. He found out that although this alliance didn't rank in the power list, the power behind it was striking. It was even a little higher than Cloud Hall and at par with Ethereal Spirit Sect, the most powerful sect in the Central Region.

Given its striking power, Zen was expecting to see a grand location of the branch. For the first time, he was concerned that he wasn't dressed enough to enter its office. However, when he finally reached the location, he was stunned. The branch alliance kept a very low profile. It was located among the dwellings and if not for the two Illuminating Soul Realm practitioners guarding the gate, no one would

lluminating Soul Realm practitioners were so stunned that sweat started to show on their face. They could feel the mighty presence of Michael.

They almost believed that Zen was a big shot when they heard him say, "There must be a mistake. Could you please tell me who you are?"

'He doesn't know Michael?! But why Michael is so polite to him? This young man..." Though they didn't like Zen's straightforwardness towards Michael, they were worried that Zen would speak ill about them to Michael. Given the arrogance they had shown him earlier, it was highly possible. This could be the end for them.

"My name is Michael Mo. Zen, may I invite you to come in? Let's discuss in detail over some tea," Michael said with a smile. The tone in Michael's voice felt like he was talking to his senior.

Zen politely nodded. As he was about to follow Michael, he glanced at the two Illuminating Soul Realm practitioners indifferently. The two practitioners were relieved.

The look on Zen's face appeared to them as calm. If he wasn't that annoyed, they guessed that he wouldn't rat them out in front of Michael.

As Michael's and Zen's figures eventually faded from afar, they started to wonder as to who Zen really was.

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