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   Chapter 637 The Wonders Of Cloudy City (Part One)

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Of all the divine textures, the one-star divine texture was the basic.

Some divine textures were considered much more powerful than one could ever imagine. The power of the divine texture was indicated in the number of stars in its name. The seven-star divine texture, for example, was only the size of a palm but it could destroy a piece of land instantaneously. It had the power to destroy the whole Central Region. It was a powerful tool that could fall into the wrong hands and destroy the world.

Zen still had a long way to go before he could master the seven-star divine texture drawing skill. Even the cyan dragon itself couldn't draw it as well as his soul energy had dried up. But even if the cyan dragon could, Zen still didn't have the right materials to draw the seven-star divine texture with.

However, Zen was very interested in acquiring a four-star divine texture called "Soul Breath". This divine texture had a special function of doubling the efficiency of cultivation without any negative effect.

His low cultivation had been his biggest worry since he entered the Central Region. But acquiring the divine texture called "Soul Breath" would be very helpful to him. He could improve his cultivation level much faster with the help of the divine texture.

At an early age of eighteen, Zen had reached grade four of the nature level. With this achievement, he was already good enough in C County. However, in the Cloud Sect, such achievement was just average. Comparing with the other disciples in the Cloud Sect, Zen was just ordinary. And when he finally came to Central Region, his achievements were nothing at all. Zen's cultivation base was solid, and he had even challenged the Illuminating Soul Realm masters. However, he still might not be able to escape death if he fought with a practitioner who reached the pinnacle of the Illumi

called Cloud Hall from a thousand meters above this area. They guessed that Zen must have floated down from that sect. Cloud Hall was known to be a great place where only very talented cultivators had the opportunity to practice. So, did that also mean that a nature creature from Cloud Hall could fly? Even after giving it a thought, the two nature creatures could not comprehend the possibility of a practitioner on their same level could learn how to fly. It was beyond anyone's imagination.

Zen had seen the two nature creatures as he was attempting to land, but he ignored their presence. He rushed toward Cloudy City along the road he picked. Before taking on this journey, Zen had asked Lasseter about the branch of the World Commercial Alliance. He was told that it was in Cloudy City, hence the reason he was here.

As he successfully landed, he immediately made his way to Cloudy City. As he entered, Zen couldn't help but notice the difference between the Central Region and the Eastern Region.

With Cloud Hall and Cloud School located here, Cloudy City could be considered as the main city in the Central Region. Despite its size, it was still far better compared to the Burning Sky Imperial Capital in the Eastern Region.

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