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   Chapter 635 Puzzled Tia (Part Two)

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Felix nodded. He stared at Zen with an amazed expression on his face as if he had found a priceless thing.

At that moment, Felix really admired Tia for her sharp insight. Tia was right. Zen was really outstanding and it was worth cultivating him at any cost.

As the top runic expert in the Cloud Hall, he and the others had heard a lot about Zen. They clearly knew that it was Tia who made Zen challenge the Elite House disciples.

Since Tia was quite young, a lot of elders secretly blamed her. They all said that she had made a big mistake. What Tia actually meant to do was to make all the Elite House disciples serve as practice targets for Zen. Even if Zen had such amazing talents, was he worth being cultivated like this?

Because Tia was short-tempered, most elders didn't tell her off to her face and secretly complained about her instead. Although Tia was still at the Illuminating Soul Realm due to her cultivation method, the Sutra of Empyrean Goddess, there was still someone very powerful backing her in the Cloud Hall.

Before, Felix also secretly agreed with the elders. He was even reluctant to accept this task that Tia asked him to do. Why would he bother to destroy Zen's confidence in learning how to draw runes. It was selfish of Tia to do so. She had used so many resources for Zen's cultivation, as if the Cloud Hall belonged to Zen himself!

But now, Felix was sincerely convinced by Tia.

It was really worth to cultivate Zen with all of the Cloud Hall's resources. But Tia had only used the Elite House and just one person, Morphens to do so, which he now thought was not enough.

Zen happily put the runic

into the ice palace. It burned itself near Tia's ear.

Tia frowned slightly. Everyone in the Cloud Hall knew that it was her cultivation time. No one dared to interrupt her unless something significant happened that needed her attention.

However, after the message rune finished burning itself, Tia's eyes shot open. The ice in her eyes melted and disappeared in her pupils.

She waved her hand slightly. Soon the freezing fog of the whole ice palace was dispersed and scattered around. Then, it gradually turned into shards of ice on the ground.

"Please come in," Tia said coldly. However, she also looked confused.

'What on earth does Felix want to say? He surely knows that I am cultivating myself now and he still used message rune to interrupt me and ask to see me.

I just asked him to destroy Zen's confidence in learning making runes. Did anything unusual happen?' Tia thought before Felix came in.

After she started to practice her skills, Tia naturally did not have time to watch the Picture Slab. Thus, she did not know what had happened in Lasseter's shop.

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