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   Chapter 634 Puzzled Tia (Part One)

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The runic brush pens greatly differed from one another. A well-chosen one could be of great help to a runic expert.

The one Zen had bought from Lasseter's shop was made of hematite. Beginners often chose this kind of pens to use. Although it was easily controlled by the soul, Zen thought it was too heavy to wield freely. The runic brush pen was used to draw simple runes. If the user made a mistake, the rune would be ruined.

However, some huge arrays consisted of hundreds or even thousands of runes. For instance, the sect protecting array Tia gave Felix was estimated to have more than thirteen thousand runes! Even the smallest mistakes weren't tolerated in the making of such large scale arrays. Although some individual runes might be replaced in case of mistakes happening, it was crucial that the most important one in the center of the sect protecting array, which contained thousands of lines, be made with no mistakes at all. If there was even a single, tiny error, the whole array would fail to perform its function.

Thus, a good runic pen was important for a runic expert to make a huge rune.

Felix's pen was made from the tip of a fiery cloud bamboo. The bamboo tip could remain soft and alive up to a hundred years. Moreover, it nurtured the strength of a soul that was put into the bamboo tip. Both the outside shell and the tip of the brush pen were made of the best materials. It had a good weight, was comfortable to hold, and had a stable brush tip.

This runic pen was worth at least three supreme life vitality crystals in a market.

Since Felix was the top runic expert in the Cloud Hall, he, of course, had more than one runic pen. However, this bamboo one was his favorite and he always carried it with him

ed the paper, Zen had stratified all the materials contained in the ink. He had continuously practiced drawing eight pieces of the runes last night, so he was very familiar with the features of the materials needed to make the meditation rune.

A beam of cyan light suddenly shone and a perfect line appeared on the paper.

"Incredible. It's really incredible," Felix repeated to himself. When Felix saw the cyan light, he was so shocked that he couldn't say anything at that moment.

Meanwhile, Lasseter's expression suddenly changed as well. As a member of the World Commercial Alliance, he had a sharp sense. He immediately realized how precious Zen was.

'Zen's future achievements probably won't be lesser than Arnold's. Our World Commercial Alliance must keep a good relationship with him at any cost! I have to report this to the headquarters of the World Commercial Alliance!' Lasseter thought.

A perfect line slowly stretched on the paper. The skill of perfect brushwork was clear in all the energy in the ink. Soon enough, the brush tip had left the paper surface. "This runic pen is mine now, isn't it?" Zen asked Felix with a smile.

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