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   Chapter 633 A Dilemma (Part Two)

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But Lasseter's offer was sound and reasonable. After all, these divine textures were not considered as a combat class. They were just the prototypes from Zen's practice. Even though the efficiency of the runes was better than that of ordinary meditation runes in the Central Region, it was impossible to sell them at an extremely high price. Moreover, Lasseter offered the price because he had never seen such rune pattern in Central Region and thought it was worth studying.

Felix had bought the first meditation rune for ten supreme crystals out of the sour of the moment. At that time, he wouldn't let Lasseter have it, hence, he instantly bid ten supreme crystals for it. Lasseter was stunned at Felix' offer and decided to just give up. But it turned out, Lasseter got the last laugh.

Considering what Lasseter had said, Zen smiled and said, "Deal!" Besides, he had nothing to lose. These were just his prototype and five supreme crystals were more than enough.

"No! I object! That's not fair!" After hearing Zen agreed with the deal, Felix was pissed off. He had just paid ten supreme crystals for just one meditation rune. But soon after, Zen had agreed to give Lasseter seven meditation runes for half the amount what he paid for one. He felt scammed. He wouldn't allow Lasseter to get the seven runes for only five supreme crystals.

"Why not?" Zen was not the type to hold grudges, but Felix's scornful words echoed in his ears. It was as if Felix intentionally embarrassed him in front of another person, and that was something he wouldn't let go easily.

"I gave you ten supreme crystals for one rune just now, so how come he can buy all seven runes for five supreme crystals only? That's quite a difference, and it's not fair!" Felix said with bitterness. He felt like he was cheated by Zen. The happiness of acquiring a rune with Perfect Brushwor

ok the five supreme crystals and the painting materials from Lasseter.

He was about to leave when Felix suddenly headed him off and begged, "Come on, please!"

Lasseter watched how Felix tried to embarrass himself. He just shook his head in disappointment. In the Cloud Hall, Felix was considered more honorable than the Elders. With his status in Cloud Hall, he was respected by everyone. No one imagined that he would be a nibble humble pie in front of an inferior.

Zen stopped. He stared at Felix then turned his eye at the livid runic pen. He then suddenly said with a smile, "Fine! Looks like you give me no choice! I will do it in one condition."

"Name it!" Felix asked eagerly.

"If I can prove that I drew these runes myself, you will give me your runic pen." Zen chuckled. He looked at Felix carefully, studying the changes in his facial expression. Deep down, Zen was enjoying every bit of this deal.

Felix had dug his own grave by challenging Zen. If he agreed and Zen lost, he could gain back not only his reputation but also embarrass Zen. But what if he lost and Zen could prove that he wrote the runes himself? He was in a dilemma right now. He couldn't afford to lose his special runic pen to an inferior.

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