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   Chapter 632 A Dilemma (Part One)

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A runic expert was considered a money-making machine these days. The cost of becoming a runic expert was high, but it was worth the investment because it could guarantee great returns. Hence, being a runic expert had brought many riches to Felix' pocket. However, ten supreme crystals were still an extremely large expense to Felix despite having huge savings.

Lasseter who was richer than Felix was unwilling to buy it at such high cost, as this meditation rune could only be used to soothe the nerves when cultivators practiced themselves but was useless in combat. Its value was not worth its price.

Moreover, the source of this meditation rune posed a big mystery to everyone. They wondered where Zen could have gotten such an expensive rune.

Generally, the most expensive runes known to all cultivators were drawn by Arnold, the Son of Runes. Although the runes he had drawn already lost their value, they could still be sold at a sky-high price in auctions. It was because those are the last runes Arnold had drawn before he drew his last breath. His death put an end to such talent in the Central Region and no one had taken his place being a talented rune expert ever since. The last runes he had made were considered collector's items and had become quite expensive.

But the rune before Lasseter and Felix appeared to be still useful which indicated that the person who drew it was still alive. It might not be considered a collectible yet, but because of the existence of this rune expert, even Arnold's last runes could lose their "collectible" status and their prices would crash.

The value and price of a rune could soar high if the person who drew it had died. That was the case for Arnold's runes. However, this runic expect with such great talent could be a treasure to any sect. It would be a shame to let such a talented runic expert go to waste.

Considering all these, Lasseter found it difficult to eventually give up.

"Fine! I'll take the ten supreme crystals then!" Zen said with a slight smile.

When Zen agreed to the price, Felix immediately took out ten supreme crystals from his space ring and handed it over. Zen was so delighted to see the ten supreme c

que, its price would certainly soar and only the richest person could afford it. But as the number or amount of the said item increased, its worth would be lesser. Lasseter also took this into consideration earlier that was why he didn't bite into Zen's bidding.

"Are they still useful?" Lasseter asked as he examined each rune carefully.

Zen didn't respond. He just poured seven rays of life vitality from his wrist into these seven divine textures. Instantly, the textures lighted up, filling the whole room with cyan light glow.

Lasseter's eyes gleamed at the sight of the glowing runes. He couldn't believe his eyes. His heart felt like exploding, but he regained control over his emotions. He must remain objective. He finally said, "Interesting. I will take them all. But the price…" He looked at each rune again, carefully assessing its market value. He didn't want to pay ten supreme crystals for each rune. After all, their value had already gone down due to the increased numbers.

"Your runes are likely to be of a new kind, and because they are drawn with Perfect Brushwork, their efficacy will be 30% higher compared to the normal ones. But as you know, meditation runes are of limited use. So, how about five supreme crystals for all the seven runes?" Lasseter grinned. He was haggling at a very low price. He gave Zen the impression that his runes wouldn't cost more than one supreme crystal each. It was a "take it or leave it" deal.

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