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   Chapter 631 Bidding (Part Two)

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Hearing Felix's remark, Lasseter and Zen got so upset. Even though Lasseter and Felix were quite fond of each other, business was strictly business, and an acquaintance was just an acquaintance. They were two quite different kettles of fish altogether!

The reason why Zen came here was to make some money from selling his work of meditation divine texture, but Felix, for whatever reason he might have, was trying to get in his way from doing that.

"What I'm trying to say is that if you're planning to sell it, then it would be best for you to only sell it to me!" Felix interjected.

Shrugging his shoulders, Zen made it obvious that it didn't really matter who would buy it, for as long that he could make some money out of it. But Lasseter and Felix couldn't see eye to eye. Lasseter blurted out, "Felix, what are you trying to do? Zen came to my store of his own volition to do business with me, but you just randomly broke into my store and what? You went ahead and tried to steal my customer!"

"So, what? Why should it matter? When you get right down to it, this place is under the ownership of the Cloud Hall. So, why shouldn't I be allowed to come here and do my business as well?" Being the runic expert of Cloud Hall, despite the fact that Felix was merely at the medium stage of the Internal Elixir Realm, he had the privilege of having a high position in the Cloud Hall. His position was actually just a tad bit lower than that of Emanuel, Saint Morphens, and Elder Osmond. He wasn't inferior to any of the other general elders.

Be that as it might, Lasseter wasn't fazed in any way, and still didn't have the slightest intention to give in. "This place belongs to the Cloud Hall? Are you trying to pull my leg right now? This market was built by the World Commercial Alliance. In fact, it's still sponsored by them. Do you have the nerve to say that straight to the face of the head of the World Commercial Alliance that this market is owned by the Cloud Hall? If you dare say something like that, then I will cease going on with this meaningless banter and leave the premises at once!"

rystals! Never would he have thought that making the divine texture could be of great help for him to earn a huge sum of money! But how was it that a simple meditation divine texture piece could be valued at such an absurd amount?

Truth be told, this meditation divine texture wouldn't really be worth that much anywhere else. In reality, the meditation divine texture was not that powerful. However, what piqued Lasseter's and Felix's interest the most was not its function, but the technique of the Perfect Brushwork which could be utilized through it.

And solely for that purpose, namely, the Perfect Brushwork, this divine texture could be much sought-after and worth a lot of money.

"F...Five..." At that point, Lasseter started to get reluctant. Because he was a businessman first and foremost, he was well aware of his limitations. It was true that the Perfect Brushwork was employed in this meditation divine texture work, but the true worth of this work would only be put on display through the way of trading. Offering too high an amount, he could end up losing a lot of money in the process.

And yet Felix's eyes still brightened up even after hearing that. Letting a conceited smile slip, he yelled again, "Ten! I offer you ten supreme life vitality crystals!"

It was evident that, at that very moment, he had, without a doubt, absolutely forgotten his goal to stop Zen.

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