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   Chapter 630 Bidding (Part One)

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Now it was clear why Felix had been so surprised.

That being said, the Perfect Brushwork still appeared to be rather unremarkable in the cyan dragon's eyes. The upper world was just too vast and massive. Even amongst all of the various species, powers, and influences, talents almost seemed like they came a dime a dozen.

In order to achieve excellency in the mastery of the divine texture, one must first become proficient in the basic skill called the Perfect Brushwork.

But Zen managed to leave the cyan dragon quite amazed after finding out that he was able to comprehend the Perfect Brushwork within a span of just one day. That was also the main reason why the cyan dragon damned both Felix and Lasseter, referring to them as stupid idiots. They were nowhere near being qualified to give any remarks on the divine texture.

Even though the cyan dragon was under the assumption that the Perfect Brushwork wasn't that big a deal, that wouldn't necessarily mean that Felix would also have the same point of view.

The fact of the matter was that Felix wasn't really able to fully grasp the Perfect Brushwork. And it wasn't just him either. Of all the runic experts residing in the Central Region, none were able to get the hang of it.

The Perfect Brushwork had been in existence for such a long time in the history of the Central Region, but that was almost eons ago. Two millennia prior to this day, a runic expert named Arnold Feng had unravelled the secrets of the Perfect Brushwork and activated the properties and energy of the materials while drawing the runes. Therefore, from that moment onwards, he became known as the "son of runes".

Up until now, a huge portion of his works was still being kept by the people in the world. Of those works, the most famous piece of work was the sect protecting array belonging to the Ethereal Spirit Sect, making it the lone fifth-grade sect located in the Central Region. That sect protecting array was an outstanding example of Arnold Feng's masterful skills. Thanks to the sect protecting array, the Ethereal Spirit Sect was able to survive a string of catastrophic events and develop from a simple third-grade sect

ering his lips, Zen replied, "Haven't I told you already a second ago? Weren't you listening?"

"Who?" Felix and Lasseter asked simultaneously, clearly a bit confused.

Zen felt like he was about to lose his mind, because he honestly thought that he had already made it clear enough for them. Even the dumbest of people in the world would be able to figure out that he was talking about himself. Sadly, these two men were real birdbrains who couldn't understand that at all. Heaving a heavy sigh, he said, "This meditation rune was my own creation."

Fixating their gaze upon Zen, the two men promptly shook their heads almost instantaneously and blurted out in unison, "I don't believe you!"

"Believe it or not, I couldn't care less. Boss, would you mind helping me appraise the worth of this meditation rune?" Zen couldn't afford to waste any more time arguing with Felix right there. After all, he didn't owe him anything to indulge his curiosity.

Squinting his eyes, Lasseter simply bobbed his head. Being the businessman that he was, he never really dwelled on stuff like doubting things presented in front of him. The only thing that mattered to him was how much it was going to sell, not who made it or where it came from. That was how the mindset of a businessman should always be.

"Appraise? Evaluate? No, no, no, you can't just go on selling something like that!" Felix stopped Zen in his tracks, much like a deranged man.

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