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   Chapter 629 Ridicule

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Zen had been taught to produce the divine textures. The rune production techniques of Central Region were nothing compared to it.

But he did hear Lasseter's instructions. Felix was the top runic expert of Cloud Hall; a person with great influence, whom Zen wouldn't even dare to offend. This was why when they met, he immediately bowed respectfully. "I'm just an amateur. I may not even be half as professional as you are when it comes to rune production. But I do hope to learn from you and I wish you could put me under your tutelage."

Felix didn't respond to him. Instead, he eyed the young man from head to toe. He was incredibly proud of his accomplishments in rune production. He wasn't someone to teach amateurs the basics. Besides, his visit today was ordered by Tia, who had commanded him to criticize and belittle Zen. How could he possibly provide Zen with any directions?

"Show me what you've got," Felix stated straightforwardly.

Zen nodded quietly, accepting the instruction. He had been planning to have the divine textures he drew yesterday evaluated. Even if they were novice work, he wanted to see where he lay in mastery. "I bought some materials yesterday and drew these two dev—I, I mean, runes, overnight. Please have a look at them," Zen said, stuttering in between his speech. He didn't want Felix to know that his work was divine textures. He wished Felix didn't hear his stutter.

Luckily enough, they didn't figure it out, but were shocked nonetheless. Their eyes were wide and their mouth opened slightly in disbelief. How could Zen have turned the materials into a rune within just a day?

Lasseter was even more dumbfounded than Felix. He knew Zen was nothing but a newbie, with barely little to no knowledge in rune production. At the beginning, he had assumed that the materials Zen bought would have turned into waste by now. He had been even pitying the materials Zen bought since they were top-tier quality. Men who didn't know how to handle the materials should have destroyed them by now.

It was something every runic expert had to experience in order to learn and improve in their craft. That was why it cost a lot more money to cultivate a runic expert than a master warrior. But using level-four materials in the beginning was a risk because nobody would ever have crafted a rune at this stage.

Lasseter had been expecting that Zen would ask for more materials. But Zen exceeded everyone's expectations by being able to produce a rune this quickly.

What did Zen think a rune was? A picture with several strokes of whatever material? Just a bunch of doodles and sketches?

Lasseter cleared his throat before speaking. "Mr. Luo. You have just learned how to produce runes. Are you telling us you've completed not one, but two runes, after just a day's worth of practicing? That's impressive. Come, let us have a look at your masterpiece!"

Felix felt like laughing out loud. He now understood where Zen's arrogance was coming from. He understood why Zen challenged all the disciples of the Elite House. It wasn't because he had the ability. It was because Zen was insane! This man couldn't be of right mind. No

everage and credibility for Zen to believe him. If what Zen made was truly a meditation rune, it must be something that Felix had never seen before; a feat so impossible to happen. Felix shook his head in frustration. "How dare you, young man. Do you really think that this... abomination of a scribble is a rune? No special tools or special materials would be able to activate such a thing if you can't even understand the basics. Your drawing is not a rune. I've said this many times. No matter how much energy you have put in there, that 'thing' cannot be activated."

Felix spat angrily. Zen, seemingly defeated, sighed heavily. It would be impossible to knock some sense into these men. They didn't have the heart to believe in Zen and this incredibly unique rune.

Instead, he was going to convince them by showing them. Zen walked closer to the rune. With a wave of his hand, a string of energy flowed into the divine texture.

Almost immediately, the divine texture lit up. The meditation rune began to glow softly in light cerulean blue, a sign that the potent kudzu root was activated. At the same time, energy seemed to emanate from the meditation rune, almost immediately striking the three men.

Under the cyan glow, the three of them had suddenly felt incredibly refreshed and light-footed, ready to seize the day with new found energy. It also felt like their spirits had been lifted.

Feeling the immediate effect of the rune, Lasseter was dumbfounded. He knew how powerful Zen's rune was compared to those he had seen in his life as a merchant's.

Felix's face, however, was wracked with horror.

What Lasseter must have deduced was correct. It was powerful. But since Felix was one of the best runic experts in Central region, he was able to pinpoint several characteristics about Zen's rune.

Felix noted the rune strokes. Before they were activated they seemed so poorly made and amateurish. But now that they glowed, he knew what that light was and what the rune had meant. Felix began to stutter as he realized what it was. "I...It's... This color... It's the Perfect Brushwork!"

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