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   Chapter 628 Destroy A Beginner's Confidence (Part Two)

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When Tia had finished talking, she fired a message rune. "Felix, please come here to my place."

'Felix?' Morphens did not understand. He looked at Tia, a puzzled expression on his face. "Miss, what do you want Felix to do? You will not ask Felix to teach Zen the skills of making runes, will you?"

Felix Zong was the best runic expert of the Cloud Hall. The protection array Tia obtained from the Cloud Road was given to him and Felix had been studying it since. How powerful and profound the protection array of a sixth grade sect was! So Felix was very busy now. It would cost countless resources to set up the protection array. However, once they thought about how powerful it was, they also felt excited. If they could build up that protection array, the defense of the Cloud Hall was surely strong enough to bear any hits from all sects in the Central Region.

Because of this, it was worth setting up a protection array even though it would be costly.

That was why Felix shut himself in his room and had not gone anywhere else. He kept himself busy with studying the protection array, wanting to set it up as soon as possible.

He was in his room, pouring over his studies of the protection array when Tia called. In a moment, he flew to the ice palace as quickly as a beam of light. He bowed to Tia. "Miss, what can I do for you?"

Tia nodded her head and asked, "Felix, how's your progress with the protection array I gave you?"

"Miss, I am estimating what materials the protection array needs. I will give a list of all the materials needed later. But it will take some time to finish," Felix replied.

"Okay. I need you to do another thing today," Tia said.

Morphens looked at Tia curiously. 'Is it true that she will ask Felix to teach Zen the skills of makin

from outside. "Lasseter, long time no see. How are you these days?"

So the old man was named Lasseter Shang. He always stayed in the shop in the Cloud Hall and Felix was the most famous runic expert who always came to his shop to buy something. Felix and Lasseter were on very familiar terms with each other.

Hearing the voice, the old man recognized it as Felix's voice. A smile appeared on his face. Actually Lasseter was not always bad-tempered or he could not be the steward of the World Commercial Alliance. Customers like Felix were always welcomed in Lasseter's shop.

"My business is just so-so. Please come here more frequently. We are all counting on you," Lasseter replied with a smile, gesturing to his men to fetch Felix some tea.

As he entered the shop, Felix looked over at Zen. He smiled. "And who is this young man, may I ask?"

"He's a disciple of your Elite House. He just started to practice the skills of making runes. Oh, by the way, that reminds me..." Lasseter turned back to Zen and said kindly, "This is the best runic expert in the Cloud Hall. Zen, If you really want to learn the skill of making runes, it is a good idea to ask for his advice."

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