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   Chapter 627 Destroy A Beginner's Confidence (Part One)

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After Zen finished drawing his first meditation divine texture, he did not stop.

The reason why he bought so many materials was to practice his skills of drawing divine textures. The materials were enough for him to make ten divine textures.

Zen did not want to waste these materials so he started to make his next one.

Even a runic expert could not keep making runes without any rest as the strength of his soul was consumed during the process of making runes. When one's soul strength was not enough, one would feel tired and sleepy, and once the exhaustion hit, it would be difficult to concentrate.

Having strong soul strength, Zen now could continuously make eight divine textures. Now he managed to finish the eighth one with great difficulty and before he could start the next divine texture, he felt uncomfortable all of a sudden. His head felt terrible as if it was about to explode. He could not focus his attention anymore. Out of sleepiness, he accidentally stroked a bad stroke with his brush pen, and the drawing wasn't perfectly completed.

One should be careful when he made runes. With one tiny mistake, the whole rune could be ruined.

"This is your first time making runes and you cannot consume too much of your soul strength. It will be a big loss if you use up your soul strength and damage your soul," the cyan dragon said. At his words, Zen felt a comfortable freshness in his head. Soon he felt much better.

Because the cyan dragon had swallowed the flood dragon spirit and blood, he became more active recently and had more strength to help Zen.

When he heard the dragon's warning, Zen's heart was tightened. He realized that it was really a haste for him to practice drawing the divine texture for such a long time. Nothing could be accomplished on the first try. Zen must stop now before it was too late.

After that, Zen focused on his cultivation. Besides lear

nes were too profound for Zen to learn in a short time. Many runic experts and magic array masters could only have great achievements after they spent a lot of time and energy learning it. Zen hadn't learned runes before and now he wanted to learn runes. It was impossible for him to succeed in such a short time, and Tia could not wait that long.

Morphens, who was standing near her and heard what she said, laughed. "Lady, it is normal for a youngster to try something new. If he knows how difficult it is to learn runes, he will give it up naturally. Don't worry about it."

"No," Tia said, raising her finely plucked eyebrows. "I cannot wait. Zen must enter the Illuminating Soul Realm. I don't think he has time to learn about the skills of making runes. He must stop it now."

At her words, Morphens looked at her and internally gave a sigh. 'She is actually worried about herself. She has reached the last stage of her cultivation method, the Sutra of Empyrean Goddess. She should concentrate on her own cultivation. Even though Zen has good talents, he is too young.'

But Morphens dared not speak out his thoughts. Everyone knew that Tia, the head of the Cloud Hall, was a person of strong mind and strong character. She did not change her mind easily.

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