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   Chapter 626 Perfect Brushwork (Part Two)

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The Potent Kudzu Root is cyan in color, in the same shade of the glinting light of the cyan dragon's work. If this is so, then the most important material of this divine texture must be the Potent Kudzu Root.' Zen analyzed in his mind, breaking down the materials into their smallest particles.


Fixing all his concentration on the tip of the brush, he pressed it against the paper. He could almost feel the contact in his skin. All of a sudden, a strong cyan light, similar to the one he saw earlier came off from where the brush was in contact with the paper.

'What? How did he do it?' The cyan dragon was shocked at the flawlessness of Zen's brushwork. When he regained his composure, his thoughts were accompanied with complex emotions. 'It seems that I have underestimated this boy!'

At Zen's third attempt, he was able to make full use of the materials in the ink and fulfilled their functions perfectly.

This was the so-called "perfect brushwork", by runic experts.

A perfect brushwork of a one-star texture was a paltry feat for the cyan dragon to achieve. However, it was unimaginable for Zen to be able to do it only at the third attempt.

'There could only be one possible explanation for this, ' the cyan dragon thought to himself as he looked at Zen. 'The boy was born with the gift for painting divine textures.'

Such genius was impressive even to the cyan dragon's eyes. If other runic experts in Central Region knew about this, they might fall unconscious from shock.

The cyan dragon's knowledge and experience enabled him to quickly understand and accept Zen's incredible achievement.

But runic experts were a different matter altogether. For them, t

es were painted in his array flag and were activated through his magic-array plate. For those magic-array experts in Eastern Region, they usually employed the use of cubic crystals as energy sources. In the Central Region, the life vitality crystals were used instead.

Zen nodded after hearing the cyan dragon's words. He put up the paper on a wall and then transferred some life vitality into it.

The divine texture shone as Zen's energy flowed through it. Cyan rays broke out from the symbol and Zen immediately felt refreshed at the touch of the warm light. It was the same feeling that one had after waking up from a restful sleep. He felt the tense knots of his muscles relax, and his exhaustion dissipated like the night being forgotten at dawn.

'This divine texture is very effective! I wonder how much I can sell this for, ' He thought to himself.

At first, Zen had thought himself to be a rich man, but he found out that his 100, 000 cubic crystals was not even worthy to be considered a fortune after he came to Central Region. He decided to inquire about the price of this divine texture the next day.

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