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   Chapter 625 Perfect Brushwork (Part One)

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The divine texture for meditation was among the first that Zen had learned under the cyan dragon's instruction. It was a kind of meditation rune.

This particular rune was usually placed in a practice room or on a furnace. Its energy could reinforce the meditative state of its cultivator.

Practice necessitated much concentration. Akin to an artist refining his craft, a cultivator required great reserves of concentration. The meditation rune would be of much use in calming nerves and eliminating distractions.

According to the cyan dragon's words, the divine texture for meditation was one of the simplest among the one-star divine textures. Its lines were definite and uncomplicated.

However, this feat was very easy only for the cyan dragon himself.

At the first stroke of Zen's pen, a dull, grey line marred the smooth surface of the paper. The edges were messy, an insult itself to the brush. It was an obvious failure. Zen had only begun familiarizing himself with the weight of the brush and the consistency of the ink.

"Beginnings are the hardest part," the cyan dragon said in good-natured jest.

Zen shrugged his teasing aside, the ribbing not particularly wounding him. He didn't think that he could succeed on the first try either. There was much work to be done, and he knew perfectly well that it would not be easy. According to the art of painting divine textures that the cyan dragon had taught him, he needed to meld his being with the pen, distinguishing the ingredients in the ink with subtle perception. Only after arranging the materials in their proper order with his spiritual energy would the stroke follow his hand and create a sleek, polished line.

Taking a new sheet of paper, he focused in silence for a while before continuing his attempts. He could turn his

ctually grasped the technique. Even runic experts cannot achieve that in such a short amount of time. For many, it takes months."

Despite laughing at the mortal's earlier failures, the cyan dragon was surprised at how quickly Zen had comprehended the key to the strokes. It had come so naturally to him.

"Months? That long! Is it so difficult?" Zen's shoulders slumped in dejection at first upon seeing the disparity of his skill next to the dragon's but after learning that he was doing better than most people, his motivation returned. The fact that he seemingly had a natural aptitude for the skill brought his determination back.

His lips curled into a confident smile. He changed the sheet once again and held his brush again.

Furrowing his brows in concentration, he spoke to himself. 'Try to feel the ingredients in the ink with my soul…'

Focusing his energy, he sifted through the particles of the ink, envisioning the proper strokes. 'There are four ingredients in the ink. The Potent Kudzu Root has the largest quantity, while the Gelid Herb is the smallest. I need to put the Gelid Herb particles to the bottom. Only in this way can I make full use of the Potent Kudzu Root.

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