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   Chapter 624 Preparations For Drawing Divine Textures

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Zen didn't expect that this matter was impeccably solved because the cyan dragon helped to interpret that particular ancient phoenix text.

Not only did the old man completely change his attitude towards him, but he also promised to sell the materials at a discounted price of about 30 percent.

Because the old man showed him genuine sincerity, he had no qualms interpreting the second half of the text on the jade. The old man listened with great attention, apparently intending to memorize every word of it.

When he had finished translating, the old man's weary eyes lit up. And he asked respectfully, "Young man, where did you learn the ancient phoenix language?"

As far as he knew, there was once ancient phoenixes existing in this world, but this species had already died out long ago. Sadly, their descendants were nowhere to be found.

Zen definitely deprived him of the truth. "Sorry, I can't tell you," he chuckled. "But if you come across words or texts you don't know, you can ask me to decipher them. I think I should be able to interpret them all."

Upon hearing that Zen might need his help, the cyan dragon immediately grumbled in Zen's mind, "Hey Zen, cracking this text for you doesn't necessarily mean that I promise to interpret anything else in the future. Besides, I can't possibly know all of them even though I do know a lot of languages..."

On the other hand, the old man's face changed at what he heard.

If the young man had uttered such arrogant words before translating the phoenix language, the old man would have taken off his shoe and aimed its sole in hitting Zen's face right there and then. How many strange languages were there in the world! And how could anyone possibly know all of them? Some species had left their writing in the world when they had fallen. If this was the case, who could recognize their writing?

This young man bragged about himself too much!

Considering Zen had effortlessly transcribed the ancient phoenix language, the old man decided not to contradict him directly. He surmised that there was a possibility that Zen might know some out-of-the-ordinary words or language and he might need his help later on. Although he found Zen's words unfavorable, he still respectfully stated, "Good, good. Are you a disciple of the Cloud Hall? From the look of you, you must be a disciple of the Elite House. May I have your name, please? I might require your aid sometime later."

Zen let out a smile, and after disclosing his name to the old man, he uttered, "All right, please prepare the materials I need."

The old man nodded. Then he called out for his two clerks, who emerged from the store a few moments later, waiting for his instruction. The old man took the list of materials that Zen was offering him. Then he threw it to the two clerks, and ordered, "Go get these materials ready." Then turning to face Zen again, he suggested, "Mr. Luo, if you want

exploit him severely.

Reluctantly, he paid the old man 112, 000 cubic crystals before he left the market with the purchased materials.

The old man, with a complicated look, stared at Zen's back, sighed in his heart, 'What a strange young man! And what a waste of materials! 112, 000 cubic crystals aren't a small sum of money. The youth of this generation is really unpredictable...'

Back at his place of residence, Zen began preparing for drawing runes.

These materials could not be used directly, but needed to be processed first. Drawing the divine texture was purely technical, and Zen knew nothing about it. But under the guidance of the cyan dragon, his teacher, he handled the materials himself at ease.

Potent kudzu roots, for example, needed to be ground into fine powders.

Besides, the roots of Gelid Herb should be cut and kneaded before mixing with another material which was cloud ash.

It took him a long time just to mix the materials. Moreover, any of the procedures could not go wrong, or else he had to throw out the wrong mix and start over.

An hour later, Zen was finally finished mixing the materials.

Zen then languidly picked up the runic pen and took a deep breath. Although the cyan dragon had taught him out, he was still a little nervous for the first time to draw divine textures.

Holding the runic pen up, Zen closed his eyes and meditated. Soon, a pale yellow soul appeared between his eyebrows. However, it was different from the soul when he launched the Spiritual Thorn. The move of turning a soul into a thorn, in the Spiritual Thorn, was for the sake of attacking enemies, so the soul must act extremely quick and with profound fierceness. But this time, he was trying to introduce his soul power to the point of the runic pen to draw divine textures! So, the slower his soul went, the better!

When Zen's soul filled the runic pen, its point drew the first stroke on the paper.

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