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   Chapter 623 30% Discount (Part Two)

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Zen was pleased and impressed at once! He knew he had to adopt some strategies to get his way. He walked back to the counter, but the old guy didn't want to talk to him at all now. Zen had no choice but to cry out the words that the dragon fed him. "Use the fire generated from the stars as a sacrifice in the lotus lake, praying for prosperity in the next life..."

The old man was deeply absorbed in studying the words inscribed on the ancient jade. It didn't matter to him whether Zen was there or not. These ancient jades in his hand held high historic and collection value and were very hard to be evaluated.

With that, the texts on the jade only added to its preciousness and original value. It was said that the ancient jade of the phoenix clan had been passed down from the ancient phoenix nationality. If people could decipher the characters, it would benefit the refinement greatly.

However, it was extremely difficult to decipher these words. This old man had been trying to study the words for more than one and a half years. He had even compared them to some ancient books in his collection, and yet had only been able to understand a few words.

When Zed walked to him again, he got very irritated upon being disturbed and immediately frowned at him. He had just opened his mouth to scold him when he was cut off by Zen. His expression changed from annoyed to bewildered the moment he heard Zen reciting the words that matched with the words he had decoded already.

He was tongue-tied, flabbergasted, and shocked! His mouth fell open in surprise as he stared Zen's moving mouth. Gaining his senses, he got up and started to listen intently.

But at the same time, Zen stopped and shut his mouth, giving a gentle smile to the old man. Steadily an

lowly, pausing before he put forth his cards. "Yes. I do not mind telling you the rest at all, but on one condition," he said.

"What is it?" The old man asked immediately.

"I want to buy all the materials that are in the list, and I want a 30% discount," Zen said firmly, smiling innocently.

The old man fell silent, a trace of hesitation appearing on his face. The materials Zen was asking for were not cheap. The old man was only a steward in the World Commercial Alliance and didn't have the authority to do a bargain like that. If he provided the discount, it would be at a personal loss.

But his wish to know the meaning of the text meant much more than the loss. He thought of all the pros and cons and finally made up his mind. Gritting his teeth, he looked at Zen with a convulsed expression and said, "Okay, that's a deal!"

He had done a quick calculation in his mind, concluding that he would pay for the loss entailed from his own pocket. Anyway, the sales price after the discount was only slightly lower than the cost. He wouldn't have to pay a lot to make up for it. Besides, he was convinced that it was worth knowing the meaning of the text.

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