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   Chapter 621 Scorn (Part Two)

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But Fernandez didn't expect that Zen could ever behave that way. He was surprised to hear that Zen, a new member of the Elite House, just sent out a challenge to everyone in the hall. What an ambitious warrior! It was all too soon.

Driven by curiosity, Fernandez decided to go to see the scene himself. He was an elder, and it was not appropriate for him to make an appearance in the grey building. Eager to see what was happening, he made himself invisible.

As soon as Zen reached the grey building, Fernandez uttered a surprising sound. With his level, he was able to notice the glimmers of light that surrounded Zen. "What happened? Zen is being manipulated!"

Fernandez was confused. His eyebrows moved closer together.

Just like using a thread to control a puppet, the puppet master was able to deprive anyone of the control of their own bodies. The most famous puppet master of them all in the Cloud Hall was saint Morphens. Aged as Fernandez was, he was a highly esteemed elder, a wise man indeed. Fernandez soon pieced every clue together, solving the mystery of how Zen could act so differently. And he just figured out what might be the case.

"I got it," Fernandez exclaimed. Fernandez had known Zen for so long and he knew Zen would never act like that. Even if Zen had every right to boast about his strength and skills, he would not still do it. Fernandez believed that Zen knew better. He wouldn't be so bored to do such a stupid thing.

If it was not Zen's doing, then the commotion must have had something to do with the leader of Cloud Hall.

Fernandez was able to see through the facade. He knew what was behind all this. The disciples of the Elite House had no clue that it was a trick. They were really infuriated by Zen's arrogant manner these two days. Warriors in the hall looked like they were about to burn a witch. Their hands were clenched, jaws set, and knuckles popped. They were all ready to give Zen the lesson he would remember for the rest of his life. They were ready to beat him up into a pulp!

The fight commenced. Punches were thrown. One, two, three punches were dodged by Zen. Fists were flying across the hall. But to everyone's d


In the store, an old man was sitting behind the counter. The man lowered his head, with a round glass in his hand. Looking intently on the material on his other hand, he seemed to be examining the small and closely-written characters on a jade pendant. The jade was very special, perhaps because it was, after all, a rare and ancient jade. The characters on it were very strange, an unknown language to Zen.

"Boss!" Zen called out after he entered the store.

The old man was startled as he had been too focused on the thing he was doing. He raised his head and saw Zen. When he found that the customer was only a nature creature, he seemed confused. The people who came to this market were mostly at the level of Illuminating Soul Realm or above. As he knew it was rare for a nature creature to enter the Cloud Hall. Even if anyone in the Cloudy City wanted to go to the market, they at least should have the ability to fly up here. But only Illuminating Soul Realm cultivators were able to do that.

"What's up?" The old man asked in an angry tone. It was irritating to be disturbed, and worse, Zen was only a nature creature, and that didn't deserve any respect.

"I want to buy some materials, and a paintbrush to draw the runes," Zen said while looking around, avoiding the old man's eyes.

"Materials and paintbrush? You want to make runes? You?" The old man asked, let out a little laugh, a glint of mockery in his eyes.

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