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   Chapter 620 Scorn (Part One)

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Humans on earth had a deep understanding and knowledge about runes, which gave them more information on how they were able to utilize the runes. Runes were not only there as characters, nor alphabets--they were even more important than the weapons that protected warriors' lives.

The runes were widely used in many areas. As such, the Cloud Sect's cultivation places were established with magical arrays that were made of runes and other materials. Many weapons were seen inscribed with runes on their blades. These weapons were revered. Not only were these weapons used for protection, but rather they were enforced with great power.

When it came to guarding, there were different kinds of sect protecting arrays which were closely related to runes. For pill refiners and weapon refiners, they used fire runes to strengthen the flames' power. All beings should be thankful for the runic experts who gave their time and effort into studying those materials. If it weren't for them, the powers and wonders of the runes would not be harnessed.

The cyan dragon's divine texture was otherworldly, a heritage from another broader world. Its conception was far beyond the common runes people knew. And its creation, design, and power were so intricately well thought of that the runes in the Central Region were no match for it. The divine texture's powers were among the cream of the crop, exceptional.

"The divine texture? So...can I start practicing the divine texture now?" Zen asked nervously while containing his happiness.

"Yes, you may. But even if you take the soul essences, you might not be able to handle it since yours is still not very strong. Moreover, if you must start to learn the divine texture at this very moment, mind that you will only be able to master the lowest grade. Are you sure you want to learn it now?"

Zen replied, light glinting in his eyes, "Rome was not built in one day. And the longest journey begins with the first step. If I don't take the first step, when will I ever start?"

"Yes, you're right. Drawing the divine texture would consume a lot of your spiritual power. But at the same time, it is a good way to temper your spirit. This is the right time for you to learn it..." The cyan dragon continued. Slowly and firmly, he said, "But the first step of creating the divine t

ts. Was this a regular scene?

Zen was baffled. He never thought of meeting this many more people than ever before. More than that, he was surprised at the sight of some Internal Elixir Realm masters in the hall.

Zen raised an eyebrow. He had unintentionally poured scorn on them. But it was not his doing. He was controlled by Tia. Did they have to make such a fuss? Those Internal Elixir Realm masters were not the members of the Elite House, Zen supposed.

In all honesty, those Internal Elixir Realm masters were not from the Elite House. Zen thought of a reason for their presence--his manners. Stories of Zen's unruly manners for the past two days had spread around the Cloud Hall.

All the disciples of the Elite House knew that there was a new member who was extremely arrogant. And that new disciple was only a nature creature. The news was not only known to the disciples of the Elite House. The news spread even to other members and masters. It was not surprising that even some of the elders of the Cloud Hall knew about this obnoxious nature creature.

And Fernandez was one of elders that was stirred by this news.

When Zen was on the Cloud Road, Fernandez had shown special care for Zen. Within his ability, he would like to speak for Zen, vouch for him to get him out of any trouble. Fernandez saw Zen's potential. He saw that Zen would become an extraordinary disciple in the Cloud Hall in the future. He got great talent. And it was only a matter of time for him to achieve success. Fernandez believed in him.

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