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   Chapter 619 The Divine Texture

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If Zen had defeated Warren with some other skill, the disciples wouldn't have been so shocked.

Although Warren was powerful, his competence was only a little higher than Frank's, who had just reached the Illuminating Soul Realm.

Since Zen had defeated Frank, he was likely to win in the battle against Warren as well. However, to everyone's surprise, he beat Warren with his bare fists!

Warren's fist techniques were renowned in Elite House. Anyone who knew of Warren's abilities would drop his jaw in shock at the news of his defeat. Generally, martial arts practitioners preferred to use weapons to enhance their attacking power, and very few liked to fight with their bare hands.

Many cultivators also learned fist fighting techniques to minimize their weaknesses and to supplement their strengths.

However, Warren considered his fists to be his most powerful weapon. He had cultivated to such an extent that he had complete confidence in his fist fighting techniques! Ever since he became popular, his competence was obvious to all. So no one dared to underestimate the power of Warren's fists.

Since Zen was a swordsman, his greatest skill should have been his swordsmanship. No one expected his fists to be so strong and powerful.

That was what confused the disciples.

This was like a proud and competent archer defeating a swordsman with a sword instead of a bow and arrow.

Such a significant difference would be a devastating blow to his opponent's self-confidence. And it seemed as though Zen was quite good at it!

Rocher stood in a corner with his sword resting on his back. He smiled lightly because he knew why the Cloud Hall elites were so shocked. Zen seemed to be versatile and had no apparent weakness. He was particularly outstanding in terms of physical strength, body firmness, and swordsmanship, which he cultivated by following simple principles.

Anyone who had any of these advantages would be able to defeat many powerful martial arts practitioners.

Fred Li raised his brows in surprise.

As one of the most powerful Illuminating Soul Realm cultivators, his thoughts differed from the others. It was normal for Warren to strengthen his body, and improve his strength and fist fighting techniques with life vitality.

However, instead of strengthening his body with life vitality, Zen had only injected his life vitality into his fists. Only a body refiner could do this.

People would refine their bodies before reaching the nature level. After reaching the nature level, the air flow in a cultivator's body would be routed through their navel, so they could begin to practice life vitality related cultivation methods. Compared to body refining, life vitality cultivation was more powerful.

However, that didn't mean it was hard for a cultivator to reach a high cultivation level by refining his body. And, so a small group of people chose body refining. The problem was, compared to demons and ogres who were born strong, people had no advantage after body refining.

What Fred found most puzzling was that he didn't sense the unique, forceful energy of body refiners emitting from Zen. The forceful energy was quite similar to life vitality. However, it couldn't be transformed into specific shapes by meditating. If Zen were a body refiner, it would be i

at the hell!"

"I have never seen a nature creature fly before, and in such a way and at such speed!"

"it doesn't matter as he will come again. Let's discuss how to deal with him!"

Zen was going to challenge all the disciples of Elite House. He had been following the practice of selecting three opponents each time. If he picked the relatively weaker disciples each time, the disciples could take no action.

After Zen had left, someone proposed a solution. If the weaker disciples didn't show up the next time, then Zen would have to choose more powerful disciples to fight.

These disciples racked their brains as they tried to figure out how best to teach Zen a good lesson so that he wouldn't be so arrogant.

Zen knew that he had offended the Elite House disciples. However, since that was what Tia wanted, he had no other choice.

Every martial arts cultivator knew that they had to improve through battles. Many of them were often killed by their opponents. However, Zen could challenge anyone he wanted and leave the battle ring at a critical moment. Not everybody was as lucky as Zen.

In the evening, after cultivating for a while, Zen opened the red and blue treasure boxes, one by one. The soul essence in the red treasure chests could strengthen Zen's soul, and the blood vigor in the blue treasure chest could benefit his energy and blood.

Both the soul essence and the blood vigor were precious to cultivators. Zen knew that the Elite House disciples would find a way to deal with him and suppress his arrogance. He intended to improve as quickly as possible.

After devouring all soul essences in the red treasure boxes, Zen felt that his soul strength had increased by thirty percent. When he closed his eyes, Zen could feel a constant sense of comfort coming from his soul. After a while, he opened his eyes and said to the cyan dragon, "You promised to teach me how to make the rune. Do you think my soul is strong enough to learn it?"

After a short moment, the cyan dragon's lazy voice could be heard from the depth of Zen's mind. "First, I must correct you. Although they sound like the same thing, we are not talking about making runes. We call it divine texture."

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