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   Chapter 618 The Fist

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Zen's words ensued an uproar from the martial artists present.

They instantly exploded in irritated shouts like a busted warehouse full of gunpowder.

"Son of bitch! He is really as arrogant as he is said to be. I'm afraid he has forgotten who he is."

"Go ahead! Let's tear this guy to pieces!"

"Yeah! Let's finish him off!"

More shouting had ensued as the disciples clamored for Zen's destruction. If looks could kill, he would be dead by now.

Even Fred wasn't pleased with Zen's words. His eyes scanned Zen up and down in an attempt to see through him. He felt something strange when he first met Zen, but he couldn't put it into words.

Morphens' strength was powerful enough to manipulate puppets as he wished since he reached the Fusion Realm. He could almost do anything he wanted. Even if Fred was at the consummation of the Illuminating Soul Realm, he could only smell out a rat in a suspicious situation but not know everything about it.

Footsteps echoed as Zen strode forward. He suddenly felt the energy threads being drawn out of his body for a moment, then he regained control again.

However, at that moment, he'd rather not have it. It meant that he had to face the group of elite disciples by himself. They were so livid that they wanted to finish him off now.

"Zen, I challenge you to a duel," a disciple said. He was at the sixth grade of the Illuminating Soul Realm. He stepped forward and faced Zen.

A light smile crossed Zen's lips as he tried to calm himself. He shook his head. "I will accept your challenge, but I want to make a rule," he said.

"Haha! That's funny. Since you're so insolent, why do you still need a rule?"

"Aren't you an expert in martial arts? Even if we all fight together against you, we're no match for you. I believe you don't really need a rule. Do you?"

"Quiet down, let's hear what he has to say," someone said.

With those words, the people calmed down. "I only accept three challenges each day, and I have the right to choose the challengers," Zen said.

He came up with the idea just now. He didn't want to offend the elites of the Cloud Hall, but he knew Tia wouldn't stop until she got the results she wanted. Thus, he had to find a middle ground. If Tia and the elites refused, then he would rather stand there and let them beat him up to death.

"Are you joking? Didn't you say that you wanted to challenge all the disciples of the Elite House? Why did you say you would only pick three of us now?" one of the disciples was upset. "Just let it be. Anyway, is there any weak person in our Elite House?" another disciple asked.

The elites looked around the area to find their weakest member. "We shall just give him the right to make the choice. Let's see how powerful a nature creature could be," another disciple urged. The rest of the disciples swelled in chorus. They thought that it was impossible for Zen to find an opponent he could match with.

After the crowd calmed down again, Zen looked around in silence. His eyes finally landed on one disciple. H

antly powered up.

"Come on! Blow him up to pieces!"

"Punch his head off!"

"Beat him to ribbons! Let's see if he still dares to be so arrogant in the future!"

Warren felt his morale getting boosted up by the crowd when suddenly, Zen's two hundred dragon scales lit up and flashed a bright light. All his muscles immediately swelled up which made him look stronger than ever. They bulked up so much that his veins popped out under his skin, and his body looked like it was about to burst.

At the same time, he quickly released the energy of the Phoenix Crystal from his right arm. Therefore, his blow had the maximum impact in both speed and strength.

"Heavenly Ogre Fist!" Zen roared as he shot out his fist.


The fight between the two men now became a match of strength. Martial arts movements became irrelevant now as what mattered more were strength, speed, and the capacity to bear blows.

Warren and Zen hit each other's bodies at the same time. However, when their punches had landed, Warren looked fearful, while Zen just smirked.

Although Warren was called Iron Hand and his fist was on par with a spiritual weapon, it was still just a fist and his flesh body was only a bit stronger than the other cultivators. However, Zen was different. His whole body was a top-grade spiritual weapon, and he had three spiritual textures on his chest. Just one more advancement, and his body would become a fairy weapon. How could Warren compare to him?

When Warren's fist landed on Zen, he only backed a few steps because of the punch's impact. He then felt a gush of warmth that coursed throughout his body and flooded his belly. It brought him a lot of comforts.

On the other hand, Zen's fist powered by two hundred dragon scales had thrown Warren away.

Warren's massive body hit several elite disciples before it finally hit the wall. He had lost consciousness and lay in a heap in one corner.

A wave of silence suddenly filled the whole hall, as if there were not a single soul in it.

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