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   Chapter 617 Forced Arrogance

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All these supreme disciples, including Finlay, were confused.

No matter how strong Zen was and how great his talent, Zen was still a nature creature in essence. Even though he had successfully challenged cultivators at higher levels, he was still a nature creature! He should not be able to go beyond the limit of nature creatures!

For example, one of these conditions was that nature creatures could not fly.

This limitation was related to the principle of life vitality. Only after entering the Illuminating Soul Realm could cultivators fly and stay in mid-air by burning their life vitality.

In this way, no matter how high a nature creature's jump, he could not stay in the air and would eventually fall to the ground. There had never been a nature creature breaking this rule from the earliest times to the present day.

But what had they just seen? Zen had stayed steady in the air after he avoided the shot from Finlay. They could not believe their eyes, and they could not understand this incredible feat.

Their expressions also revealed their complicated inner feelings.

Unlike the people below, Zen was very calm as he levitated in the air. His lips moved slightly as a subtle smile danced at the corner of his mouth. He lowered his voice and spoke to Tia via her token, "I didn't expect that you would be kind to me!"

However, the smile was wiped from Zen's face by Tia's response. "If you die like this, how will my hate be relieved?" Tia chuckled, "I prefer to torture you slowly and gradually. After today, you will come here and challenge the elite disciples of Cloud Hall every day! Wouldn't that be more interesting than a quick death?"

Hearing this, Zen forced a wry smile. Although it was beneficial for him to have the support of a powerful cultivator at Cloud Hall, it really didn't have to be cultivated in this way.

However, Zen did not have other choices.

And his opponent did not give him much time to think about alternatives. Finlay was surprised to see Zen fly, but that did not mean that he would let Zen go easily. Flying was a normal ability for cultivators at the Illuminating Soul Realm, not to mention that Finlay was at the ninth level of the Illuminating Soul Realm.

After a brief moment of surprise, Finlay recovered and focused on his battle with Zen. He turned his weapon towards Zen.

However, Zen was incredibly agile in his movements. He effortlessly dodged Finlay's attack. Finlay chased Zen around the area for a while. Unfortunately, he lashed out with his weapon dozens of times but could not injure Zen.

Finlay had not figured out how and why Zen was so agile. A light ray had cut through the space and connected Zen's body to Morphens' hands in the other place. This invisible ray allowed Morphens to control Zen like a puppet.

In this situation, it would be impossible for Finlay to catch up with Zen. Even if he could, Finlay was no match for Zen. After all, Morphens' puppet controlling skills had reached the legendary Fusion Realm, which meant that he could transfer his strength to Zen during the fight. So, Finlay was not combating with Zen alone. Instead, he was fighting against Zen and Morphens.

After seeing this chase and running match for some time, Tia stretched and yawned before say

y is and why he is so arrogant."

"Fred, why don't you teach him a lesson? The young guy is really crazy. He comes from a grade two sect in the little Eastern Region. He has no idea about the outer world! So, he thought he was the best of all the disciples and looked down upon all of us!" A disciple told Fred angrily.

However, Fred shook his head and said honestly, "Everyone has confidence. And many people are ready to challenge him. He will receive his lesson. He is just a nature creature! Even if I win, there will be nothing to blow off."

"Fred is right. He is just a nature creature. There is no need for Fred to challenge him! He doesn't deserve the chance to practice with Fred!" The other disciple commented.

"There he comes! Look!"

Zen finally appeared at the door of the grey building. Even though he was unwilling to move, his body was out of his control and stepped into the building.

The disciples of Elite House glared at Zen with sharp eyes. Most of them were seeing Zen for the first time.

Before today, many of the disciples did not believe that Zen, with the strength of a nature creature, had defeated Frank. Now, as Zen stood before them, the disciples were surprised that the rumor was true. What was even more shocking was that Zen had not even reached the peak of the nature level. He was only at the fourth grade of the nature level!

If Zen had not been so arrogant, most people would be amazed by Zen's strength. If Zen was so strong at this level, would he have the power to challenge cultivators at the Internal Elixir Realm when he entered the Illuminating Soul Realm?

However, since Zen had been so proud, the disciples of Elite House were displeased and would not praise Zen. So, they glared at Zen, with killing intents in their eyes. It seemed as though they wanted to vaporize Zen on the spot.

At the same time, they also noticed something strange. He had an innocent and honest expression on his face even though his words were haughty, "Hmmm, all the unskilled elites are here. Have you been waiting for me for a long time?" After saying this, Zen's face turned black again. Then he quietly cursed Tia a million times.

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