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   Chapter 616 Spear Of Annihilation (Part Two)

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Wisps of gray death aura gathered around Frank's white spear. A single glance at it hurt the souls of the warriors as if they had been damaged somehow. With the white spear in his hand, Frank was like a spirit from the ghostdom. "My skill of Spear of Annihilation can destroy every way in the world! Zen, let me see how you fight me now!" he bellowed.

Watching the extremely powerful spear, Zen's expression was grave. He began his Exterminating Wheel at once.

At the same time, he drew three pieces of malicious aura from the Killing Sword Mountain.

The cultivation method employed in the use of malicious aura was usually extraordinary. One piece of malicious aura could equip the skill with great power, while three of them could do that much more.

However, Zen had not stored up too much of the malicious aura. When he had been back at the Luo Clan, he received some malicious aura after killing the Blood Prisoner. Then he entered Cloud Road and gathered some piecemeal, stocking in the Killing Sword Mountain. Besides that, he also gained some on the Dead Road by killing hundreds of Dark Devil Phantoms in battle.

Zen felt reluctant to use so much of his malicious aura in a single fight alone. But he had to pull out all stops contending with Frank.

"Zen Luo, you must die!" Frank roared again.

The Spear of Annihilation together with the strong death aura rushed at Zen. The bystanders felt their hearts tighten. Frank had inherited it all from Emanuel. No one knew exactly how powerful the skill was, but all of them sensed the great strong force reverberating behind it.

At the same time, Zen waved his sword, the three bits of malicious aura blazing forth.

Generally, a warrior who had cultivated in

ecover. Moreover, even if the bones were all healed and patched up, the arm would not be as strong as it used to be.

Finlay's face fell. He stood up, watching Zen with a cold smile. "I never expected you to be so powerful. You not only survived Frank's Spear of Annihilation but also broke his arm." Finlay clenched his jaw, barely holding back his anger.

Zen blinked, smiling calmly. "Spare me your accusations. Frank would have killed me if I hadn't broken his bones. In some ways, I was kind enough to break only his one arm. I should have taken his life for what he wanted to do to me."

"Go to hell!" Finlay stared at him menacingly. As Finlay shouted, his blood-red spear flew at Zen.

Finlay was at grade nine of the Illuminating Soul Realm, which meant he was close to consummation at the realm. He was far stronger than the other opponents Zen had met.

However, as Finlay's spear zoomed at him, Zen's body suddenly drifted into the air. He was flying!

Seeing this, the elite disciples were stunned. Their eyes widened, rounding into saucers. They were gobsmacked. Was Zen actually a nature creature? If so, how could he fly?

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