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   Chapter 615 Spear Of Annihilation (Part One)

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Watching the scenes unfold before them, the elite disciples of Cloud Hall were struck dumb, unable to get a word out.

Most of them were at level four, five, or six of the Illuminating Soul Realm, a little higher than Frank. But if they really fought Frank out in battle, none could defeat him, for he was a heaven-level talent. He was far stronger than he looked and often fought warriors at higher levels with little difficulty.

But now, Frank had been challenged by a disciple of a lower level.

The elites could not wrap their minds around the fact that the boy was only at grade four of the nature level.

Frank was a beginner at the Illuminating Soul Realm. He could easily make dead meat of a disciple at grade four or five. The elites would have found it acceptable if both sides were at the Illuminating Soul Realm. Not to forget, Frank had an array of unusual talents and resources under his belt. His father had made sure he had been carefully cultivated. His one meal would probably cost many other warriors everything they owned. How could any of them compare to that?

But then what about Zen? It was a profound gap between grade four of the nature level and initial stage of the Illuminating Soul Realm. The other disciples found it incredible that the young boy, still wet behind the ears, had challenged a practiced disciple. Everyone was all too aware of the marked difference between them.

But now, they couldn't help but realize why Zen had been so arrogant before. He was strong enough to challenge even Frank.

As the other elite disciples stood looking shocked at what was happening, Frank emerged out of the hole. At the moment, his hair was disheveled, his eyes blazing red with fury. His current appearance stra

Let's see how Zen fights it. I think he can do it. The power of the Malicious Wheel of Life and Death is not weaker than that of the Spear of Annihilation."

Tia was familiar with the Spear of Annihilation. Before going to the trial, Tia had been attentive of Frank's Spear of Annihilation and had planned to ask him to break the enchanted barrier. But later, she chose Zen. Perhaps this was how it was meant to be.

How powerful was the Blood Fiend Emperor? Since he had chosen the Malicious Wheel of Life and Death as his main cultivation method, how could its power not compare to that of the Spear of Annihilation? Even though Zen had practiced the Malicious Wheel of Life and Death for only a short period of time, Tia was still confident in him. More importantly, this would be a great test for him.

Although Morphens had heard that Tia could obtain the inheritance of the Blood Fiend Emperor with Zen's help, he still doubted Zen's power. Like most other warriors, he thought Zen's cultivation level too low.

Tia seemed not to worry about Zen in this situation. Morphens didn't say anything more, choosing to gaze at the Picture Slab instead.

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