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   Chapter 614 High-Speed Spinning (Part Two)

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When they were in the Cloud Road, flying was forbidden. Frank had to use a technique where he pushed his feet off the ground and leapt. But now they were in the Cloud Hall, so Frank flew directly into the air.

Zen couldn't move backwards anymore as he was stuck in a dead end. His face scrunched into a frown as he observed Frank whose body integrated itself with the spear, and fiercely lunged at him. Zen recognized that it was the technique that killed the Flying Yaksha. It was quite a powerful technique. He had seen Frank use it before.

Although Zen's body was a spiritual weapon with a strong defensive power, he estimated that his body was still weaker than the Flying Yaksha after it transformed into a golden one. Since the Super Spinning Spear attack had killed the Flying Yaksha, then it could surely kill Zen.

"It's impressive that a nature creature could reach such level. But for me, he won't be able to resist this blow from Frank," a Cloud Hall elite said.

"Of course, he's surely dead this time. It's true that this technique is Frank's secret weapon, but not his most powerful one!" Finlay, who watched the battle on one side, said with a laugh. "If Frank used his Spear of Annihilation, even I would need to be careful while fighting him," he added.

"This guy has the talent and strength which entitled him to his arrogance, but he is too impatient. I'm afraid he could really sweep all of us away when he enters the Illuminating Soul Realm," another Cloud Hall elite commented as he watched Zen with mixed feelings. He was quite impressed by Zen's use of Sword Steps.

Frank's Super Spinning Spear had almost reached Zen in the blink of an eye. The fast spinning spear point formed a strong vortex, which looked like it could grind anything that came near it into smithereens.

At that moment, Zen suddenly rolled his eyes. A purple-black light lit up the tip of his Blood Drinking Sword. It w

also stunned. They didn't have any clue what was happening now.

Finlay certainly didn't know that the black ring Zen conjured was the technique in the Blood Fiend Emperor's Malicious Wheel of Life and Death. However, he sensed that Frank was in trouble. "That's enough! Let go of Frank!" he shouted coldly.

However, Zen turned a deaf ear to Finlay. "He has hands and legs. If he wanted to stop, he could just loosen up his hands and get out of it himself," he sneered.

It was true that Zen's Exterminating Wheel only locked Frank's spear, but not his hands and legs. If Frank dropped his spear, he could get out.

"I'm telling you to let him go!" Finlay said icily once again. He lifted his bloody red spear and was prepared to fight.

"Okay. All of you in the Zhuo family are unreasonable. You can't win in a one-on-one fight, so come in groups. Shame on you. Alright, I'll release him." Zen seethed, then waved his hand to stop the Exterminating Wheel.

The Exterminating Wheel went into a halt, but Frank still spun crazily fast. The Exterminating Wheel's force had stopped, but the inertia transferred the high-speed spinning into Frank and threw him up to the ceiling. His body hit the ceiling and left a gaping hole in it, then he fell on the ground with a loud thud.

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