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   Chapter 613 High-Speed Spinning (Part One)

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When Zen had entered the Cloud Hall, he honestly wanted to keep out of trouble. He still needed time to think about what he had obtained in the Cloud Road. The best thing to do was to focus on practice and stay away from any distractions.

However, Tia obviously didn't let him have his way. She had done a bit of a trick.

The real strength she exhibited in the Cloud Road was only at the level of Illuminating Soul Realm. According to the cyan dragon, she had drawn out her original cultivation base and started over. Since she had just returned to the Cloud Hall only recently, it was impossible for her to level up so rapidly. Thus, Zen assumed that there must be some Cloud Hall masters who had her back and did a trick to control his body.

'This hateful woman! Is she going to ruin me?' Zen thought.

Then again, he had already made a spectacle, so he had to face the consequences. This was Tia's scheme--she took him by surprise, so now he couldn't escape. Besides, even if he wanted to escape, there was no way he could evade trouble now.

Meanwhile, Frank raised his eyebrows and his eyes glinted fiercely.

He had never hated on anyone since he started to practice in the Cloud School. He had always given off the impression of a young, handsome gentleman and he seemed to have a special aura around him.

He never got issues with the others because he never paid attention to those on the same level as him. Moreover, he certainly didn't take whatever they did to him to heart.

When it came to Zen however, Frank found it hard to be open-minded. He had always thought that he was the best of the best and the most fortunate among everyone. He thought that no one in the same level could be on par with him. However, the journey on the Cloud Road was a big blow for him. He never thought that a strong opponent came from a mere second-grade sect. Based on Zen's talents or potential, it was highly possible that he might surpass Frank in the f

Frank swung his spear around and did three movements in a row. He rushed aggressively towards Zen as the long spear sliced through the air and stirred up a gust of wind.

Zen grew more cautious as he fought against Frank's quick moves and excellent spear techniques. He constantly used the circle parry to deflect Frank's attacks. However, the building space was limited, and every move Frank did with his spear came too close at Zen. Thus, Zen was forced to back down a lot, and was finally cornered when Frank used the three consecutive spear movements.

Frank's eyes glittered with smugness. He had already gauged Zen's real strength through the test on the Cloud Road. Zen was stronger than Rocher, and a little stronger than Patrick. Compared to him however, Zen still fell behind.

If Zen had already entered the Illuminating Soul Realm, Frank wasn't sure if he could beat him. Unfortunately…

This guy was too impatient. Zen was only a nature creature but he dared to challenge Frank. He had recklessly courted death!

Since he asked for it anyway, Frank decided to satisfy him and make him know how defeat felt.

"Super Spinning Spear!" Frank shouted.

He suddenly flew into the air. His body and his spear became one. Then he rushed forward at Zen who was driven to a dead end.

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