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   Chapter 612 Lose Control Of The Body

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The top of the Cloud Hall was wrapped in a mass of thick clouds. The palace at the top was not made of bricks and stones, but it looked like it was made out of piled-up mysterious ice. It was just an ice palace.

The pile of mysterious ice was crystal clear and it was radiating cold gas. Even in midsummer and under a cloudless blue sky, it seemed like the ice wouldn't be melted away by the sun.

If a normal person approached the ice, his blood would freeze within a few seconds, and his whole body would become stiff and lifeless just like a sculpture.

Tia's white, naked feet were dangling from an ice-carved throne, and she stared at a high Picture Slab in front of her with smile, reclining lazily in her throne. Beside her, a small phoenix made of ice nestled in her arms. It looked more beautiful than before with bushier feathers.

Next to Tia stood a middle-aged man in cyan, a solemn expression upon his face.

"All right, Morphens. Now it's your turn," said Tia.

Morphens was one of the Cloud Hall Elders and as such, he was good at the skills of space and illusion. He, alongside Emanuel, was regarded as the backbone of the Cloud Hall; they were equal in their power and cultivation level.

"Is it all right that we do so?" Morphens asked a bit hesitantly.

"What's the matter? This guy is so annoying and I've really been wanting to teach him a lesson for a long time!" Tia replied, wrinkling her small nose.

"Even if he took half of Blood Fiend Emperor's heritage from you, he is still a disciple of the Cloud Hall. As you said, this boy has a wonderful talent for cultivation, and he could be classified as a saint-level genius. Thus, he deserves the heritage, and we should help him improve in the Cloud Hall," Morphens reasoned, shaking his head.

Tia glanced at Morphens. Her eyes narrowed. "What should we do? I know that better than you! Just do as what I said," she said coldly.

Morphens immediately felt a bit stressed. Nodding, he replied, "Now that you believe acting in this way can hone Zen, I have no comment."

In truth, Morphens wasn't at all worried about Zen's safety. He knew that the boy would be okay. However, it was Tia's behavior that he was concerned with. 'Our leader... is too young!' Morphens sighed internally and then reached out his hands. Ten light spots appeared on each of his fingertips and quickly turned into white energy lines that stretched out of the ice palace.

While this was going on, Zen was still talking with Tia. "What gift? Could you say it clearly again?" he was asking.

Just then, Zen suddenly felt a trace of energy fluctuations around himself. Because of Tia's words, Zen had a feeling that something bad would happen, and his first instinct was to dodge the energy.

As they looked on, Rocher and the other Cloud Hall disciples were puzzled about why Zen was


He straightened and turned to exit the area, but behind him, Finlay sneered loudly, "Are you sure you want to go back out after saying those arrogant words? No way!" He raised a hand and made a small gesture; the doors shut closed.

"Hum, how funny!" Finlay jumped out of the fighting field and walked toward Zen. "Among the Cloud Hall elite disciples, there is even a nature creature. That is really unusual! And this guy even dares to challenge us. What an arrogant idiot! Did you ask us who dared to challenge you? Well, let me tell you. I will!"

Zen stretched out his hands and made a gesture of apology. Then he smiled and said, "Just now... What you've heard was not said by me! I can explain..."

"Brother, he is that Zen Luo! He got first place on the Cloud Road this year!" Frank said from behind Finlay.

A noise of recognition rippled through the crowd and the disciple. They had not met Zen personally, but already, they had heard his name. Already, Zen had a reputation at the Cloud Hall; everyone knew him by name. It was widely known that he was very powerful but was at low cultivation level.

"Oh! So, you are the one who made my father angry," said Finlay coldly. "Don't try to explain anything!"

Frank stepped forward in front of Finlay. "Brother, you do not need to do anything to him. Just watch. I can beat him easily! These guys from small towns are so haughty! They need to learn a lesson or two!"

Zen was watching the brothers, his mouth agape a little. At Finlay's words, he closed his mouth and an expression of resolution appeared on his face. He had wanted to explain his being under control and forced to say what he did, but now he wanted to play into their presumptions about him; he wanted to act more haughtily.

"Do you want to teach me a lesson? Well, I just want to say that back to you!" Zen said coldly, wrinkling his forehead slightly.

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