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   Chapter 611 The Great Present From Tia (Part Two)

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Considering that the Devil Phantom's essence had soul strengthening properties, Zen asked, "Do you really need it now?"

Rocher nodded, smiled bitterly and continued, "Cultivating the Heavenly Sword requires a really strong soul. I can hardly keep it up without a tough soul."

To take advantage of the heavenly momentum, the practitioner must be able to withstand the powerful momentum of both heaven and earth in the first place, and then diverted the heavenly momentum towards his opponent through the sword. How could a practitioner deal a strong blow if he himself couldn't handle the momentum?

Rocher's soul wasn't weak before, and it was at least strong enough to bear the sword, but after he stepped into the Illuminating Soul Realm, his soul couldn't handle the heavenly momentum anymore. This could all be attributed to the fact that now he was able to draw more of the vitality between heaven and earth and take advantage of even more heavenly momentum, but this also meant he needed to take on even more momentum within his soul.

The accident was caused by Rocher's failure to control the gathered vitality, causing it to implode and detonate, blowing up the entire practice room where he was cultivating.

Zen flashed Rocher a faint smile and said, "I'll help you ask about extracting method for the Dark Devil Phantom's essence, but I have something for you in the meantime. You can use this first." With that said, Zen tapped onto his space ring and promptly took out a red treasure chest.

Rocher's face lit up like a Christmas tree when he heard that Zen would inquire about the purification process. Since Zen had narrowly escaped from the flood dragon's jaws, Rocher also realized that the mysterious disciple from the Cloud Hall also survived. Zen didn't tell

t because he hadn't encountered any difficulties yet since he came to the Cloud Hall. He could practice to his heart's content thanks to her!

Zen had a really hard time when he first entered the Cloud Sect. Now the treatment he received in the Cloud Hall was drastically different from then, and most of the people here showed him respect.

"Now tell me why I should show you my gratitude? I haven't forgotten that I should have a half share of the Heavenly Fruit Tree. Besides, there are a lot of things that actually belong to me, but I haven't received them yet. So who should I really be thanking?" Zen passed on his words via the message token using a small amount of his life vitality.

"You call yourself a man? How can you be so evil? Besides, your present realm is just too low, and it's certainly not the right time for you to devour the Heavenly Fruit. Just keep trying to improve your strength, but.. It's too boring cultivating in the practice room, so I'll give you a great present, hee hee..." Tia laughed.

Hearing Tia's laughter, Zen found her voice so horrifying that it almost turned his blood to ice. He had a terrible feeling about what was coming next.

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