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   Chapter 610 The Great Present From Tia (Part One)

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"Did I really punch a hole through the floor of the Cloud Hall?" murmured Zen in surprise. A look of horror spread across his face.

The power of the Exterminating Wheel had far exceeded his expectations. The raw power it produced shook him to the core. A ray of light shone through the tiny hole on the floor of the practice room.

"All disciples in the practice room clear out!"

Amidst the long wailing warning tune of the flute, Steward Xiao's voice boomed.

Steward Xiao was one of the two stewards who handed out Cloud Hall Tokens to the disciples a few days ago. Upon hearing the summons, Zen reluctantly removed the Exterminating Wheel and took a deep breath before he started for the door and promptly walked out.

Outside, he found several disciples of the Illuminating Soul Realm looking at Steward Xiao in states of confusion. It seemed that they all had no idea why the alarm was sounded out of nowhere, nor did they know why Steward Xiao called them out there while they were busy cultivating.

"Who was it..." Steward Xiao asked in an expression of barely concealed anger.

Before he could finish his question, Zen stepped forth and presented himself. "I apologize, Steward Xiao. I accidentally punched a hole through the floor in my practice room."

The practice room on this floor was located at the lowest level of Cloud Hall, and not far below was a floating stone, surrounded by warning runes. No one had ever touched the floating stone before.

All the practice rooms in Cloud Hall had myriad layers of protection. To use the practice room on this floor, one only needed to show the red Cloud Hall Token. So all those who practiced martial arts in this level were mostly new disciples of the Elite House. Given that the new disciples were relatively weak compared to the other batches, it was expected that they would cause little to no damage in the practice room, and so there were no strong shields on t

om now on!"

When Steward Xiao left, Rocher heaved a sigh of relief and turned to Zen with a mischievous smile. "Thanks, Zen! Man, what you said really had some effect!"

Zen looked at him straight with an inquisitive shine in his eyes and asked, "Did you just break through?"

Rocher nodded in acknowledgement and chuckled, "I had a vague idea that I was going to break through on the Cloud Road, but what I didn't expect was that I didn't get into the Illuminating Soul Realm until now."

There was a great barrier between the nature level and the Illuminating Soul Realm. Rocher had been in the consummation of nature level long enough, and in terms of talent, he might not be as outstanding as Zen, but he was not inferior to any of the other elite disciples in Cloud Hall. Thus, as his power had accumulated to a certain degree, he naturally made a breakthrough.

"By the way, Zen, have you acquired the method of distilling Devil Phantom's essence?" Rocher eagerly inquired.

Zen and Rocher both gained a ton of Devil Phantom's essence along the Death Road. According to Tia, the said essence couldn't directly be used, since it was highly poisonous in its original state. Zen, though not afraid of any poison, wouldn't rush to consume it. It would be pointless to do so.

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