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   Chapter 609 Evil East Lord

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At the same time, in the easternmost area of the Central Region, there was a huge mountain range.

The mountains seemed to stretch into the sky. The range was so high that it safeguarded the continent from the tsunami in the Chaotic Ocean of Stars. Owing to the altitude of the range, all the peaks were covered in a thick layer of snow, some as deep as 100 feet! The range was called a dead zone as it was impossible for people to climb out if they accidentally fell into the snow.

Even cultivators at the Illuminating Soul Realm dared not to go deep into the mountains even though they could fly. The snowstorm raging on the mountaintop was so fierce that the wind stung like knife blades. Besides, several unknown monsters, beasts, and terrifying creatures lived on the mountain range. Since these creatures could survive such harsh conditions, they were not easy to deal with.

However, today, the snow on the highest mountain in the range had melted completely.

The snow-covered peaks of the mountain range had been accumulating snow for thousands of years. Today, the snow on one peak had disappeared, revealing the black mountain that stood out in contrast to its nearby snow-capped peaks.

A strong and bare-torso man panted on the mountaintop. A grey flame burned behind him. Beneath his feet, lay a snow flood dragon that was 500 feet in length.

Snow flood dragons lived in the land of snow and ice. They were born fierce and powerful!

The fierce snow flood dragon lay beneath the man's feet. Many parts of its huge body were burned.

"Little Eddie! Didn't you say that you would take me to see the snow and eat a snow flood dragon's heart? You melted all the snow on the mountain. How do I see snow now?" A woman dressed in a fox-fur robe levitated in the air behind the strong man. She positioned herself such that it appeared as though she were lying on a bench beneath her.

Her voice was so enchanting and sweet that people would be enraptured upon hearing her. What was more exciting was that she wore no other clothes except the fox-fur robe, which covered only her breasts and private parts. Other parts of her body were uncovered, and her skin was so fair that it was whiter than the snow.

"Your seduction and complaints will not work. You wanted to see the snow, and I brought you here. You want to eat the snow flood dragon's heart……" The strapping man bent down and removed the heart of the dying snow flood dragon. Fierce creatures like the snow flood dragon had strong bodies. Though it had been seriously injured, the snow flood dragon's heart still beat vigorously.

The woman was frightened when she saw the pulsating and bloody snow flood dragon's heart. "Oh! Little Eddie, there is so much blood. How

for a brief moment, Zen doubted himself.

But he calmed down and reassured himself. Zen's will of martial arts had now become stronger than before.

Seeing Zen's confidence restored, Rocher and Patrick were very happy.

Zen now needed to practice in Cloud Hall as he needed time to digest what he got from Cloud Road.

Sitting cross-legged in the practice room, Zen rotated his hands like a wheel disc. The life vitality spun alongside his hands. As he rotated faster and faster, it became a whole circle.

"The Malicious Wheel of Life and Death was the most powerful attack method for the Blood Fiend Emperor. Unexpectedly, it's not complicated to practice!"

Looking at the rotating life vitality wheel, Zen smiled slightly. Though far from the first level—Exterminating Wheel—he had pretty much succeeded in giving it a proper shape.

Cultivation methods concerning malicious aura had some advantages. They were easy to practice and more potent than other cultivation methods. Since it was a shortcut, countless people had been attracted to it. However, it did come with the risk of the cultivator being controlled and consumed by the malicious aura! But Zen, who had been to Killing Sword Mountain, did not have such a risk.

"How about trying the power of the Exterminating Wheel?"

Thinking of this, Zen extracted a piece of the malicious aura.

The moment the blood red malicious aura was put into it, the malicious aura rushed to the practicing room with the rotation of the Exterminating Wheel.

The malicious aura was so powerful that it broke through the floor of the practicing room, several layers of the wooden flooring, the thick rock layer, and then over 400 feet of floating stone before hitting the ground, a kilometer away.

Meanwhile, an alarm sounded outside the practicing room.

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