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   Chapter 605 Voice Message

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Emanuel Zhuo adopted a commanding stance and then bluntly ordered Zen in a firm voice.

He declared that Zen had to recount what had exactly happened on the Cloud Road to the smallest detail. In other words, he subtly hinted that it would be wise if Zen wouldn't conceal anything about the event.

Emanuel thought that he had spoken to Zen clearly and politely enough. His stance differed from Fernandez's. Fernandez had been quite old. Although he still acted as the Cloud Hall's elder, these days he was mainly responsible for dealing with mundane affairs like choosing elites among disciples. However, Emanuel was in the prime of his life, and his strength was at its peak. As a mainstay of the Cloud Hall, he looked down upon Zen. Perhaps he would have treated Zen with less respect if he hadn't won the first place.

Emanuel clearly knew that everyone was vying to obtain the treasures on the Cloud Road, since all of the treasures were inherited from a grade six sect.

A few moments ago, Frank had informed him that a flood dragon had appeared on the Cloud Road. Furthermore, Emanuel knew from Frank that countless streaks of light were manifested on the Cloud Road, and then all of a sudden, all of the treasures were assembled together in one place.

Even though Emanuel himself couldn't step onto the Cloud Road, his son still had a chance to enter.

The gateway to the Cloud Road was only opened every three years, because of the enormous amount of crystals necessary to trigger the opening. Specifically, it would cost hundreds of supreme life vitality crystals to trigger an opening. Emanuel schemed that he was willing to spend that exorbitant amount of crystals in opening the gateway to the Cloud Road once again so that Frank could attempt to obtain the treasures, as long as he could glean useful information from Zen.

He would benefit greatly from the treasures inherited from the grade six sect.

All eyes were trained on Zen as soon as the command was uttered from Emanuel's mouth.

Frank blatantly sneered at Zen, muttering to himself, 'I have asked you to tell me the whole truth before, but you outright refused. Now, my father is here, demanding you to reveal that same truth. My father doesn't play around.'

Gloom was apparent on both Kenneth's and Fernandez's faces, silence befalling them. It would be inappropriate for them to speak for Zen, because they would surely offend Emanuel. As for the other sect leaders, they didn't say anything either, as Zen was not a disciple of their sects, and in fact, they were also curious as to what Zen had encountered on the Cloud Road.

Both Rocher and Patrick could do nothing but sigh deeply in despair. They surmised that Zen had no choice but to reveal the truth.

Contrary to their expectations, Zen blinked multiple times, stared Emanuel right in his eyes and stated, "Master Zhuo, I survived the Cloud Road entirely because of my own good luck. Why should I reveal anything to you? Is there any reason why I should tell you?"

From the start, Emanuel had expected Zen to reveal the truth in its entirety, or he would conceal just a little bit of the truth, but he never expected this outright rejection.

nuel was only about a couple of steps away from Zen, a small piece of rune suddenly appeared near Emanuel's ear. A few seconds later, a little spark shone and burnt up the rune in an instant.

All the sect leaders present recognized the rune, which could transmit voice messages over a long distance by the use of one's life vitality.

Emanuel's ears perked up as if he was listening to an unseen voice. Soon afterwards, he frowned and looked rather sullen, staring at Zen with a complex expression.

Moments which seemed like an eternity passed by as everyone was waiting with bated breath. A few seconds later, Emanuel glared at Zen and sneered, "You better thank your good luck! Frank, let's go!" As soon as Emanuel uttered the words, he flung himself into the sky and hovered for a few seconds. Then, he quickly dissolved into a gray shadow and rapidly disappeared.

Frank was dumbfounded and confused by his father's words.

At the beginning, Frank silently wished something horrible to happen to Zen as he watched in silence. He wanted to witness firsthand his father searching Zen's soul so that Zen would be reduced to a bumbling idiot. Frank would have been so ecstatic to witness such an event.

On the Cloud Road, Frank felt that Zen was mighty. It was clear how Zen was an absolute threat to his ascendancy at the Cloud Hall. Thus, no outcome would be greater than Zen's demise.

However, Frank never expected his father to abruptly give up scouring Zen's soul. What went wrong? Why was a voice message suddenly transmitted with the aid of life vitality? Who would be so powerful? Who was able to change his father's mind that quickly?

Although Frank's mind was plagued with questions, he dared not utter a word as he noticed his father's grim expression. Instead, he just gave Zen an intense look and flew closely behind his father.

At this moment, only the sect leaders, Fernandez and Zen stood where they had been. They were all very much confused by the sudden turn of events.

Like Frank, they were also wondering who on earth had sent a voice message that convinced Emanuel so easily.

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