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   Chapter 603 Like Father, Like Son (Part One)

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Most of the disciples who had chosen the Death Road had survived and come out from the Cloud Road. The result wasn't as they expected because Zen was the first one who got out, but both Lady Long from Iridescence Sect and the old man from Auspice Sect were still satisfied since their disciples made it out of the Death Road alive. It was generally a happy ending for everyone.

While the rest were celebrating their own victories, the leader of Brumous Sect was quite displeased. He could not help but frown and then asked, "Hold on, Zade is still not here. Where is he? Why isn't he here?"

Hearing Zade's name rang a sad bell in the ears of every disciple present at that moment. Everyone stared at the leader of Brumous Sect in silence. Their eyes were speaking, but they couldn't seem to find words to express what they knew. Frank looked around to see who would break the news about Zade. However, when he realized that no one was brave enough to say a thing, he finally spoke, "The Death Road has claimed his life.

Zade was swallowed by the Dark Devil Phantom when he was picking a herb."

When the disciples started to come out from the Cloud Road one after the other, the leader of Brumous Sect had the bad feeling that Zade didn't make it. As he watched the disciples come out, he was becoming more convinced that Zade didn't survive the Death Road. He knew already, but he wanted to hear it from the disciples, and Frank's words were the closure he needed.

The world of cultivators was cruel. Even the toughest disciple in the world could meet his demise at any moment with one wrong judgment. Though Zade was courageous enough to try for the Death Road with Frank, his strength was not enough to survive given that he was only at the fourth place in Brumous Sect.

It was a gamble for Zade to take the Death Road this year. He could win and if he did, he could at least be in the sixth place in the Cloud Road. Unfortunately, luck wasn't on his side this time and being part of Frank's team didn't assure him of success. He failed at the expense of his own life.

The leader of the Brumous Sect was disappointed, but he couldn't do anyt

Unlike with Zen, Frank's word aroused Fernandez's curiosity and that of the rest of the sect leaders.

From what Frank had said, they concluded that Zen had a connection with the flood dragon and the Cloud Hall disciple. If not, how could Zen have survived that fall unharmed?

Even Fernandez himself would avoid such a full-grown flood dragon at all cost. With his strength, Fernandez could survive that flood dragon, but not without a scratch. So, how did Zen survive from the mouth of the dragon unharmed? Perhaps Zen was indeed lucky. Even so, he could at least have some scratches, or wouldn't finish ahead of everyone. The only viable reason was that Zen had some connection with the flood dragon.

Kenneth became curious about it as well. He was eagerly waiting for Fernandez to ask the question so they could all finally hear the truth from Zen.

Without waiting for Fernandez to speak, Zen took the initiative to explain himself. First, he made a palm-and-fist salute, then said, "Elder Fernandez, please forgive me. It's not that I don't want to tell you the truth, but I made an oath with that disciple not to tell anyone anything."

It was clear that Zen wouldn't say anything. It seemed that he wasn't lying either about the oath. And with that, everything that Frank said to get the truth from Zen was put in vain. Zen knew what Frank was thinking and thought that it was naive for Frank to do such a thing.

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