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   Chapter 602 Troublesome Frank

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The way they passed through the final part of the Cloud Road was clearly different from that of Zen, who walked slowly on that part.

Led by Frank, five of them had eventually finished the fifth stage of the Cloud Road. A smooth path that led directly to the finish line of Cloud Road greeted them at the end.

At that moment, all of them wanted to be the first place.

The Death Road was much shorter than the Life Road, so if they chose the former they could save time. It also meant that the possible first placer could be among the five of them.

However, Frank still regretted not getting the blood pool.

The first one who got aware of the current situation was Lewis. Although he was carefree, he had a keen mind. Then he made a dash for the finishing point.

The others soon realized what happened as well, and rushed out when they saw Lewis run ahead of them.

Now, it was time to see who had the best speed and endurance.

Although Lewis was extremely quick and had a strong, explosive power even stronger than Frank's, he had a low endurance.

They were still far from the destination. Lewis was far ahead of the other four people in the first half of the race.

However, Frank eventually caught up with him with his extraordinary speed and endurance in the middle of the race.

An unexpected incident suddenly broke out. When Lewis boosted his speed, he attacked Frank. It was as if he turned into someone else.

It was clear that Frank got very angry about it.

He was both regretful and upset when he was reminded of the chance he lost last time. Thus, he was determined to take the first place this time. However, he never thought that Lewis would make things difficult for him. 'How can you treat me like a sickly cat? I'm actually a sleeping tiger!' Frank thought. Thus, he began to strike back as he had a burst of speed.

They only wanted to disturb each other, so they didn't really fight that much.

A few moments later, the other three had also caught up with them while they fought.

Frank and Lewis kept on fighting, which slowed their pace down, thus making Rocher become the first one who rushed into the whirlpool.

Now, Rocher thought that he was the one who won the first place. However, when he looked around, he saw that Zen had already sat beside Fernandez and the other masters.

Rocher could hardly believe his eyes at this moment.

Zen was unexpectedly there as if by magic. It was really an incredible thing.

'This is absolutely impossible. No one can explain this!' Rocher thought.

'At that time, I witnessed Zen fell into the gaping abyss. Even if he was lucky enough to have defe


The cultivation method Patrick had practiced was that of Buddhism, so he failed to run fast. Thus, in terms of running, he was only a little quicker than Lois. The two of them rushed out of the whirlpool at almost the same time.

They were also amazed at how Zen had come here and looked at him in shock.

"Why do you all look at Zen that way?" Fernandez asked. "It's really amazing that Zen has outrun all of you, but you don't need to stare at him like that. He isn't a ghost!" he said.

Zen stood up from the ground when he saw Rocher and Patrick. He went up to them and clapped them on the shoulder with a smile.

The three disciples of Cloud Sect had passed through the Cloud Road and got the first, second, and fifth places, respectively.

Kenneth was quite satisfied with the results. Their sect only had three places for this competition since they were just a second-grade sect. However, their three disciples who participated in the match all ranked in the top five.

For Kenneth, this had made him even happier than when he found a buried treasure!

"Zen, I saw you fall into the abyss. Weren't you eaten by that flood dragon?" Frank suddenly asked Zen sharply in front of everyone. "Doesn't that flood dragon eat people? Did you come to the destination by riding that flood dragon? Where is the mysterious disciple of Cloud Hall? Is he with you?" Frank fired more questions at him.

He was aware that Zen wouldn't answer his question in private. Thus, he chose to ask Zen in front of Fernandez and the other masters.

That was his real intention.

Fernandez and the other masters all looked at Zen when they heard that he had met the flood dragon.

'This guy really wants to cause me more trouble…' Zen thought with a frown.

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