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   Chapter 601 A Secret Left Untold (Part Two)

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Kenneth gave it his best shot to exert the fist. At that moment, his face was overcast, and his eyes were wide open–he was extremely angry. But even if he was furious, he had precise control over the strength of the fist. Zen was only a few feet away from Lady Long, but the damage was only limited to Lady Long's location, and Zen was not hurt at all.

"Bitch! How dare you bully my disciple? Do you not know my presence in here?" Kenneth roared at Lady Long.

"You! How dare you threaten me? Do you think I'd be afraid of you?" Lady Long waved her stick, ready to hit Kenneth. She felt frightened and angry at the same time. The power of the fist was quite strong that if she hadn't dodged it in time, she would have been injured and possibly have been dead.

"Then bring it on!" Kenneth clenched his fists and stood straight with a sneer on his face.

"Calm down, everyone!" Fernandez stepped in and stood firmly between them. "Lady Long, don't be absurd," he said coldly to the woman, "If you continue to make trouble, I'm afraid that I have to teach you a lesson myself!"

Amongst them, Fernandez was an elder. Compared to others, he had higher status and greater strength that even the likes Lady Long and Kenneth could not match.

Looking at Lady Long's vexatious behavior, he eventually ran out of patience.

Zen was only a junior who had just gone through a series of tests along the Cloud Road, but Lady Long treated him so mean. Fernandez couldn't stand her cruelty towards the young Zen. Furthermore, he thought very highly of Zen and favored the promising young man. Wherever he could be, he would alw

asked Zen.

"If you don't want to tell me, I will respect your decision. You may leave the secret untold," Fernandez smiled.

The other leaders also wanted to know whether there was a shortcut in the Cloud Road. If there was such a shortcut, then they could inform the next disciples who would take part in the next trial in another three years.

But since Zen had refused to tell them the truth, they couldn't force him to. They all had the same idea that they shall ask him about it in the future. In their view, Zen was sure to become a disciple of Cloud Hall. Once he was in Cloud Hall, they would have plenty of opportunities to inquire about the said shortcut.

Instead of waiting at the arch with the leaders, Zen then walked away. He sat on a small space and began to meditate.

Within two hours, the cyclone under the arch began to whirl again, and then Rocher came out of it.

The moment when Rocher appeared, the first person he saw was not Fernandez nor the other leaders. It was Zen who was meditating not far away. He froze as soon as he saw him.

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