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   Chapter 600 A Secret Left Untold (Part One)

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 5716

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Several leaders along with the elder Fernandez Fei were waiting anxiously under an arch.

Among the five leaders, the most anxious one was surely Kenneth.

Three disciples of Cloud Sect had taken the Death Road and he had heard nothing from them ever since. He didn't know what happened to them, but the first thing that came to his mind was they didn't make it.

Auspice Sect, Iridescence Sect and Cloud Hall had one elite disciple each that took the Death Road. The Cloud Sect, on the other hand, might lose all his elites in the Death Road. So compared to Cloud Sect, the two sects were still fortunate.

At first, Kenneth had high hopes for these three disciples.

The three disciples could rank first or second in the other sects.

So, he had thought that in the Cloud Road test, the Cloud Sect disciples would be able to make a splash and bring honor to the sect and himself.

But he did not expect that they would suffer heavy losses on the Death Road.

Aside from Kenneth, several leaders of the other sects and Fernandez also looked worried.

The death of Frank might not affect the status of Elder Fernandez, but how could he explain it to Frank's father, Emanuel?

Just as their faces were clouded with worry, the crystals on the arch suddenly lit up and the cyclone whirled faster.

"Eh?" Fernandez was surprised, "What is going on? Has someone come out?"

"How could it be possible? No one could ever pass the test so quickly!" Kenneth was startled to see that as well.

But they soon calmed down and thought about it in their minds: Through the Picture Slab, they got to know that most of their disciples were still struggling in the fourth stage and that there w

d, Zen's spiritual energy had become stronger. He had not only soaked his body in the flood dragon's blood but also had eaten the blood vigor of that nine-headed dragon. So, in the face of the overwhelming power, he suffered an energy stasis but quickly recovered.

Lady Long's arrogance annoyed Zen. He was a stubborn person with instinctive obstinacy. If she had asked him nicely, he would tell her the news about Lois. But she didn't. Therefore, Zen replied plainly, "I have no idea."

"You have no idea? How can it be possible?" Lady Long sneered, "You took the Death Road with Frank and the others. I have seen it with my own eyes! How dare you lie to me? If you don't tell me the truth, I'm afraid that your good luck won't help you today! So, you'd better…"

Lady Long was in the middle of ranting when she suddenly felt a dangerous force approaching.

She took a deep breath and backed away. Then, a shadow of a huge fist appeared at her feet. The impact of the fist shadow hitting the ground left a big hole on it. The ground tiles, the stones, and the mud under the ground tiles, were all wiped out by the force.

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