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   Chapter 599 The Lighting Of The Lamps

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Zen wasn't sure what was special about that lamp, but Tia was dumbstruck at the sight of it. It made the other things left Blood Fiend Emperor pale by comparison.

Heavenly Fruit Tree and flood dragon blood both belonged to the inheritance of the grade 6 sect

which could certainly help the Cloud Hall reach a new level.

But they were not a must at present because the Cloud Hall, as a grade 4 sect, was developing rapidly and leaving behind those at the same grade. If Tia could succeed in improving her strength, it was highly possible that the Cloud Hall would rank as grade 5 soon.

This enchanted lamp, however, was different.

There was a celestial tomb in the Chaotic Ocean of Stars which was thousands of miles away from Central Region.

The celestial tomb was literally the tomb of a celestial being.

But even the celestial beings were not immortal. It seemed that their infinite life expectancy also had an end. That was the incontestable power of time.

When an immortal reached his ten thousand or even tens of thousands of years old, there would be some irreversible and noticeable changes in their bodies: "Filthy Clothing", "Falling Hair", "Sweating Armpit", "Stinky Body", and "Restless Mind". Once the immoral reached the "Restless Mind" stage, he would become mortal and die.

These five stages were so-called Five Aging Processes of the celestial beings.

It was said that this tomb was owned by Mist, a celestial being from the mundane world. At the end of his very long life, probably for tens of thousands of years after he became immortal, he went back to his homeland once he reached "Restless Mind", the last stage before vanishing permanently.

A hundred years after his return, he built a celestial mausoleum at the bottom of the Chaotic Ocean of Stars and buried himself in it, giving it the name "Celestial Tomb of Mist".

As a deadly attraction, the tomb attracted many cultivators who were willing to risk their lives. Unfortunately, many of them died trying to get in there. The Chaotic Ocean of Stars had long been a forbidden area for human beings and being guarded by the celestial beings, it became more dangerous than ever. So the tomb was not accessible for everyone.

For the past tens of thousands of years, nobody had harvested anything from the Celestial Tomb of Mist. No one ever succeeded in breaking into it and those who attempted lost their lives.

As a result, people chose to stay away from the celestial tomb, and thus the Celestial Tomb of Mist finally rested in peace.

Nevertheless, two thousand years ago, several enchanted lamps appeared in the Central Region. They looked like ordinary oil lamps, except that the name of Mist was carved at the bottom of each lamp.

For this reason, the rumors went around.

Some believed that these lamps were guarding the Celestial Tomb

od dragon puppet was a very important one in the inheritance from Blood Fiend Emperor. Although the cyan dragon didn't bother to devour it as the puppet had lost all the vital energy and blood, the giant flood dragon puppet was still priceless to Cloud Hall.

If a war broke out, this flood dragon puppet could function as a war machine and could cause dreadful damages to the opponents with only one roar.

They took the puppet and flew across the sky over the Cloud Road. Those who were struggling forward could only envy their luck.

Frank saw the flood dragon as well. He suspected at once that Zen and that mysterious disciple could have survived. Could the flood dragon be a test on the Cloud Road? Or was it a shortcut?

After all, the flood dragon appeared after they fell. What a coincidence.

But he didn't believe in coincidence! Frank didn't think they could have survived, so he decided to put those thoughts aside. Watching the blood pool that he aspired to fly away was a heavy blow for him. He was profoundly demotivated and felt worn out.

Like a gambler who had just lost all his fortune, he had no interest in other's outcome.

Before long, the flood dragon puppet stopped at the exit of Cloud Road. As the giant dragon mouth opened, Zen jumped off first. He turned around and asked, "Aren't you coming with me?"

Tia smiled and suddenly looked very serious. She patted the dragon's mouth and it closed. The dragon flew into the sky swiftly again, leaving Zen confused.

Women were indeed incomprehensible. Zen shook his head and walked towards the eddy in the exit.

Meanwhile, Frank and the others were marching on the fifth stage of Cloud Road while others were mostly stuck in the fourth stage. Only one person was left behind alone.

Standing on a stone pillar in the Sea of Raging Fire, Lennon was left speechless seeing the broken stones before him...

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