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   Chapter 598 The Unboxing Of Surprises (Part Two)

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As the light on the stone carving became dimmer, she realized that Zen had comprehended the power of space reflected from the stone carving and was really contemplating the space laws.

Like the cyan blue stone carving inside the Cloud Hall, the power of space contained in this type of stone carvings was not infinite. When the cyan blue stone carving was rich in the power of space, it would emit a faint light. But the light would become dimmer once the power was mediated by an elder. Upon its depletion, the power of space would be restored naturally by the stone carving. But only after the restoration could one really proceed with the mediation.

This was just the reason why strict time limits were set upon contemplating on stone carving in the Cloud Hall. These time limits were respected by everyone who contemplated the stone carving.

The same phenomenon was true for the defective gold carving. In the course of Zen's mediation, the golden light over the stone carving was dispersing. This only meant that Zen had comprehended some of the space laws and the power of space had been constantly consumed.

At first, Tia had intended to satirize Zen. But at that moment, Tia was only amazed by what Zen was doing. She had forgotten about satirizing Zen. Right now, she became more impressed by Zen's talent. Deep in her mind, she was reevaluating the potential of this young guy.

When she first met Zen, Tia merely perceived him as top talent from a grade two sect. Although he looked as though he only had relatively mediocre accomplishments in cultivation, he exhibited fairly great potential for future development.

After all, everyone who was eligible to step onto the Death Road was among those with great potential. Among several people who had started their journey on the Death Road, Frank was the most outstanding. Apart from him, all others such as Rocher, Patrick, Lewis, and Lois could not be underrated either.

But after Zen showed his Heavenly Ogre Fist and the perfect sword intent, Tia assessed that Zen could outperform Frank.

All the power that Zen had was totally beyond Tia's imagination. Now that Zen could even comprehend the power of space, Tia believed that even the

ts enemies. But it would be uneasy to deploy an array to protect the Cloud Hall. Tia showed it to Zen and told him what it was used for.

Zen raised no objection to Tia's possession of this array pattern. Although it was helpful for protecting a sect, it was of no value for him.

By now, there was only the final unopened box, the black treasure box.

With all the wonders they had seen so far, Tia's hand was still shaking. The gold treasure boxes proved to have far more valuable items than those of the first boxes they had opened. Now that they were moving onto their last box, a black treasure box, Tia's expectation became higher. What could be more valuable than those in the gold treasure boxes?

Tia examined the box first. On the outside, this black treasure box looked a little weird. All other treasure boxes were either red, blue, white, or gold. Only this one was colored black.

If there were some gears or magical spells inside the treasure box set by the emperor himself, both Tia and Zen would be in danger.

But as Tia carefully pulled the lid of the black treasure box, they saw a swarthy oil lamp inside.

Tia pulled it out and looked at it closely. It looked nothing special, but was like the small oil lamps used by ordinary families. Zen also looked at it closely while Tia was holding it. He was still baffled when he saw that Tia's eyes became wide in astonishment again.

"This is the enchanted lamp from the celestial tomb!"

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