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   Chapter 597 The Unboxing Of Surprises (Part One)

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Tia and Zen had reached a consensus that both of them would get an equal share of everything they would get.

When they decided to open each box, they went for the red treasure boxes first. Each red treasure box contained a black item, the soul essence refined from the essence of the Dark Devil Phantom. It could either be traded at a decent price or used to toughen up a soul without any side effects. Zen got seven of those red treasure boxes.

After putting away their share of red treasure boxes, they opened the blue treasure boxes next. Unlike the red treasure boxes, the blue ones contained more precious treasures, the blood vigor of nine-headed dragons. Out of the six blue treasure boxes, Zen got three.

Looking at his stack of red and blue treasure boxes, Zen was filled with excitement. He couldn't wait to see what the other boxes held and how many he could get. He then stared at Tia without saying a word.

"What are you staring at?"

Tia questioned angrily. She was ill-tempered and sitting beside the half-naked Zen who kept on staring at her was a bit overwhelming. But she had to remain focused. Although she had promised to equally share the treasures with him, it was just normal for her to feel great regret. If it was any other disciple, Zen wouldn't get half of everything. Fortunately, Tia was more open-minded in practicing martial arts. She could look beyond these treasures for the greater good of the Cloud Hall. Besides, for Tia, Zen would be the most priceless treasure that the Cloud Hall could have.

Finally, Zen said while his eyes were still fixed on Tia, "With all these treasures, I'm afraid my space ring would run out of space." He waved his hand helplessly at Tia.

The space ring that Zen was using was still the original one. Although Evil Lan's space ring didn't have a high capacity, its space had been enough for Zen.

But with all the treasures he had now, it would be hard for him to keep them all in his space ring.


A streak of silver light flickered in front of Zen. It was from the space ring that Tia tossed at him.

Zen caught it and looked at it for some while. He was stunned when he realized the high capacity of Tia's space ring. As Zen assessed, the space in tha

A mediocre disciple would mistake such a stone carving as an ordinary stone especially if it was the first time that he encountered it. He would even discard it immediately after he picked the stone carving up.

But Tia saw how differently Zen was gazing at the stone carving. He looked at it as if he knew what this kind of stone was and seemed to be contemplating this stone carving very attentively. However, Tia had enough of Zen's showy attitude that she sneered at his feigned observation of the stone carving and didn't believe that he could actually comprehend space laws.

In view of the current level that Zen had reached, Tia thought it was rather incredible that he cultivated the consummate sword intent and could turn his sword spirit into human shape. Apart from this, Tia had also felt that Zen's soul was far more powerful than those of others who were at the same level as him. But even so, there was no way for Zen to truly see through the space laws that easily.

At first, Tia looked at Zen with a disdainful look. But her ridicule was replaced by great astonishment when she realized what was actually happening. For her, it was unbelievable.

After stepping onto the "Death Road", Zen had never shown his power of space. He had only used that power once when he tried to get the silver treasure box. It was only Fernandez and several sect heads who had witnessed Zen's application of the power through the Picture Slab. However, Tia didn't know that until now.

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