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   Chapter 596 An Exchange Of Favors (Part Two)

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Runes took many forms and could be used for different things. For example, a magic-array expert was a special type of runic experts in the Eastern Region. A large array was usually made of hundreds or thousands of runes, and it required special runes to build magic arrays.

Runes could also be used in refining weapons. For example, if a weapon refiner could use some special runes while refining a weapon, it could increase the success rate of the refinement and the weapon's grade would also improve. The same process was used for refining pills.

Upon hearing the cyan dragon's offer, Zen could not help but smile. It could be recalled that he had earned his money mostly by selling his heavenly essence. He had thought about becoming a weapon refiner by right of his heavenly essence but had only learned the way of smelting. He hadn't even once tried the most important part of refining a weapon.

But if the cyan dragon could teach him the method of using runes, it would be much easier for Zen to master weapon refining.

Without hesitating, he immediately answered, "Hey, I like that idea! That's exactly what I have in mind right now. If you can really teach me, you can absorb as much flood dragon blood as you want. As for me, I've absorbed what I needed, so it's useless for me now."

"You're a tricky bastard!" The cyan dragon felt annoyed but had to accept that he was tricked by Zen.

Meanwhile, in the herbal garden, Tia was patiently counting and recording all the herbs. Each herb required a specific method of handling, otherwise, they would immediately wither once touched. For example, the rhizome herb called Nurturing Primrose would produce the sound of a crying baby when casually touched, then eventually withered in one breath and lost its value. The Fiery Dragon Saliva, on the other hand, contained a fiery toxin that would infect people when they touched the plant.

Hence, Tia dealt with all t

t we will share all of these treasures? Now, since you consumed the flood dragon blood all by yourself, I don't see a need for me to share these treasure chests with you now!" Tia spat angrily as she glanced at the treasure chests on the ground. Since there was no way to return the flood dragon's blood, she might as well play with Zen a little.

"Hey! That's unreasonable!" Zen argued back. "You've taken all the herbs from the garden! The Lunar Anesthesia Herb alone is more valuable than the pond of blood. Do you seriously think you can trick me?"

"You're haggling like a woman! Or maybe, I should also own half of that giant sword of Blood Fiend Emperor. Do you want it that way?" Tia rebutted. She liked it when Zen was getting annoyed.

They had quite a quarrel over the rest of the precious inheritances of the grade-six sect. Although Tia was just playing around, she liked the idea of getting square with Zen after he had selfishly consumed all that flood dragon blood. Zen, on the other hand, wouldn't agree on anything that Tia offered.

And after failing to reach an agreement, they both agreed to open the treasure chests first.

Once they saw what was inside each box and how one could use the item, then they could determine how to divide the treasures.

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