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   Chapter 593 Heavenly Fruit Tree (Part Two)

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 5560

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His mouth hung open at the sight of so many treasure boxes. And the young disciple remained this way for quite a while until his face felt stiff and numb.

Thanks to the silver box, Zen successfully obtained the manual of 'Malicious Wheel of Life and Death' left by the Blood Fiend Emperor. With this ability, Zen could become more powerful. Now, he wondered what the golden boxes and the black box contained.

And the temptation to find out was so great!

"Have you ever gotten any of the boxes?" Tia suddenly asked Zen. The question came out of nowhere as Zen continued to stare at the treasure boxes.

Shrugging his shoulders, Zen nodded modestly.

She glanced at the boxes again, and Tia found there were only three silver boxes remaining. But there were once four of them. Tia knitted her brows as she asked, "You did get three treasure boxes, right? Did you take the silver box?"

There was a total of five silver treasure boxes in the valley. With the head of the Cloud Hall taking away one of them, there had still been four of them left. But now she could only see three. It was obvious that someone else took one too, so Tia turned to Zen to ask.

When Zen nodded, Tia was taken aback. She was well aware of how tough it was to get the silver box.

Although she was capable of getting the box, too, Tia only tried doing it once. It was by accident at a later time when she found out the real secret behind the Cloud Road trial. Since then, she decided never to waste her time on the Sea of Raging Fire.

Because no matter how powerful she was, it was still impossible for her to get all the treasure boxes at the same time. It was m

n the tree.

Besides, each heavenly fruit functioned differently. And with the magical effects from every fruit, they became extremely precious.

"I did not expect that the Heavenly Fruit Tree was planted in Cloud Road. And I didn't know that it once belonged to the Blood Fiend Emperor. It is beyond my expectation. It is really hard to imagine how powerful and strong his sect was!" Tia muttered. "There are ten fruits in the Heavenly Fruit Tree now. This means that the one at the secret auction was eaten by someone. Otherwise, there won't be ten in the tree!"

It made Zen wonder why Tia was so excited and happy. But it was easy for him to assume how extraordinary the tree was. He believed that half of the treasure here was his. And since there were ten fruits in the tree, he felt it was reasonable for him to eat five of them. It was truly an excellent deal.

As Zen wondered how delicious the heavenly fruits would be, another shadow hovered in the sky. Then the shadow dropped straight down and was embedded on the ground.

What fell was a grand sword that was ten feet high.

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