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   Chapter 592 Heavenly Fruit Tree (Part One)

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After exerting so much energy to get here, Lennon never thought the blue treasure box would fly away before his yes.

But it wasn't only the blue box that had suddenly vanished. All the crates, including the two golden treasure boxes and the black treasure box which were at the very top, were seen floating along the luminous beam at the same time.

"What the hell is going on here?" Lennon muttered to himself. Already too exhausted, he had no energy to shout abuse.

But strange things such as this happened also in other places.

In the fourth stage of Cloud Road, which was called Thrilling Icy Plain, Frank killed three devil icy snowmen. By executing them, he was finally able to mount a new stage.

To kill the three snowmen, he not only relied on his excellent skills but also made use of the three talismans, given by his father. These talismans were extremely valuable. Frank had been through several life and death situations, but he never brought out these amulets. This time, without hesitation, he took them out to conquer the three devil icy snowmen.

He had no other choice. The rewards of the fourth stage were generous. He couldn't imagine how incredible the reward would be after he killed the three devil icy snowmen.

When he walked up the steps made of ice blocks, he saw a steaming pool of blood.

"A blood pool..." he whispered. He raised his head and looked at the wall. Frank read the words on the wall - 'flood dragon's blood', and those words appeared as flying dragons and dancing phoenixes.

It was flood dragon's blood! Frank was amazed.

While the flood dragon's blood wasn't a patch of a Genuine Dragon's blood, it would still greatly benefit the warrior if he soaked himself in it for some time.

So Frank felt it was worthwhile for him to use the three

training and education. If all these elite disciples died at this time, it would be a huge loss for Cloud Hall.

"We could only wait and see. I'm hoping that this isn't a bad omen!"

While Fernandez observed the rays of light at random through the Picture Slab, his face turned ghastly pale.

Zen, who stood on the square, then realized why Tia had asked him to stand near the stone terrace.

And he now also understood why there was one light spot after another on the square!

These very light spots were what drew the treasured objects and treasure boxes on the Cloud Road through the light beams.

Suddenly, they heard loud crashing sounds.

Several treasure boxes pounded heavily on the square.

"The boxes!" Zen cried out. His eyes widened in shock at the sight of them. Those red treasure boxes appeared before his eyes were precisely the ones hidden in the secret test! It would cost much to get any one of these boxes. But now, they had been put casually on the square.

Again, the crashing sound jolted Zen.

Before Zen could react, six or seven blue boxes, three silver boxes, two golden boxes, and one black box came into view. He was too stunned over what he saw.

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