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   Chapter 591 The Treasure Box Flew Away (Part Two)

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 5606

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She instead concentrated on controlling the flood dragon puppet and carefully searched above the Sea of Raging Fire.

"There it is!" Tia suddenly exclaimed excitedly. They saw an island in the Sea of Raging Fire. It was totally deserted and there wasn't any path to it.

There was also a huge blood-red enchanted barrier outside it, which covered the whole island.

"Get down," Tia said, then she drove the flood dragon puppet down. When the flood dragon puppet got close to the blood-red enchanted barrier, a huge hole suddenly appeared in the barrier and the flood dragon puppet went inside.

There were many buildings on the island. In front of the gate was a huge square. A huge black column stood in the center of the square.

When Tia saw that Zen was confused probably by the presence of the black column, she drove the huge flood dragon's body and made it twist around the column. After many rounds, the head of the flood dragon finally landed on the ground and at the same time, its mouth opened.

Zen carefully walked outside the flood dragon's body and raised his head to observe the column. 'If the huge flood dragon directly lands on the ground, it will need a large area. It is really smart to let the dragon's body twist around the column. It spares much room and is also convenient. How smart of the Blood Fiend Emperor!' Zen thought.

A large main hall stood behind the huge square. There was a tablet on the hall with three words "Blood Fiend Hall" inscribed on it. It looked like it was the original home of the Blood Fiend Emperor.

Meanwhile, Tia also walked out of the dragon's body with the crystal key in her hand. She went to the pla

completely exhausted after he had passed the trial on the second platform. He was severely burned. He successfully passed the trial because of the temptation of the blue box in front of him.

As long as he had the blood vigor of the nine-headed dragon, he could obtain huge power and his body could recover in a short time!

However, he was too badly hurt that he couldn't walk anymore. Thus, he crawled forward slowly. Even if the blue box was ten feet away from him, it seemed so far away like the end of the world.

Still, Lennon pushed himself. "It doesn't matter! It will be worth it to obtain the blood vigor of the nine-headed dragon!" he encouraged himself with gritted teeth. With great pain and a whole lot of effort, he had almost touched the blue treasure box.

Just before he offered his hand, a light line suddenly shot towards the blue box and covered it.

Then, the blue box turned around and raised itself. It flew away and followed the light line.

'What? It is flying away?' Lennon asked himself in shock. Stunned and dumbfounded, he stared at the flying blue treasure box.

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