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   Chapter 590 The Treasure Box Flew Away (Part One)

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On Zen and Tia's way back, both of them went through the flood dragon's body without a word.

Perhaps they felt a little embarrassed or they might be angry at each other.

The two of them finally arrived at the head of the flood dragon. Zen looked at its tightly-shut mouth. Some runes were engraved on the rows of its huge teeth, which were interlaced with one another. The Blood Fiend Emperor must have made great changes to the dragon's teeth when the huge flood dragon puppet was made.

However, how could they get out of it since the mouth of the flood dragon was closed?

Even if they could go outside, most of the floating stones were probably destroyed. Flying was prohibited in the trial, and it was also hard to climb up the abyss wall!

Just as Zen thought about it, Tia coldly looked at him and took out the crystal key without a word. She pointed it towards the wall beside her and pressed it hard onto the surface. The wall should be the rear part of the dragon's mouth. It had also been rebuilt, and lots of runes were engraved on it.

Tia pressed the crystal key following the runes.

When Tia did so, Zen felt the ground quake under his feet. He then heard the sound of a chain scratching stone outside. The flood dragon rose continuously. Tia actually had the flood dragon puppet under her control!

Zen gawked at Tia in shock. "This flood dragon puppet was the holy beast to protect Blood Fiend Emperor's sect. It's normal to control it with the crystal key," Tia said icily when she saw Zen's reaction.

The flood dragon rose to the top as the chain scraped the wall on both sides of the abyss. Zen felt the dragon's body shake dramatically when it broke through the top gateway. The metallic sounds of chains breaking were heard. It turned out that

The sect leaders and Fernandez probably did not know much about the trial. The whole trial was located in the legacies of a sixth-grade sect. Thus, there were always some forbidden places and a holy beast to protect the sect.

If a disciple trespassed in the forbidden place and released the holy beast, all the disciples in the trial would end up dead!

Moreover, the holy beast could get out of the trial area and attack people outside. Thus, everyone was in danger.

"It's alright now as the flood dragon seems to have left."

The sect leaders and Fernandez were greatly relieved when the flood dragon's figure disappeared through the distance.

The flood dragon changed its direction every now and then under Tia's control. She then took her Picture Slab from her space bracelet. She could see the world outside the dragon body with the Picture Slab. Now they were above the Sea of Raging Fire.

"What are you looking for?" Zen asked curiously. Tia only stared at Zen with hatred and did not respond.

She mentally blamed Zen for her misfortunes as she had never been in such a low place since her birth, until now. However, there was nothing she could do to him!

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